Q&A: State of the Channel, Athlean-X, Top 5 Watches, & More

0:21 YouTube revenue/channel update
1:28 squash beef over a Pepsi
2:00 videos not showing up in subscription feed
2:28 top 5 watches/grails
3:23 h3h3 collab
3:57 step-dad switching from bodybuilding to CrossFit
4:21 status of “Reading Mean Comments” series
5:01 favorite Wu-Tang Clan album and song
5:19 bench press arch
5:50 favorite pair of shoes
6:18 favorite TV show as a kid
6:45 commentating non-fitness fail videos
7:12 what to say to CT Fletcher for me
7:54 why I make fun of cheap weight belts
8:35 neck training and Rolex love
9:02 top 10 home gym items
9:29 thoughts on Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X
10:25 museum heist hypothetical

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Outro song, “Everybody,” by Jade Simonetto: youtube.com/user/jadesimonetto


Ben Richards says:

Your video makes a clear statement about why whining about “censorship” is silly, and yet there’s somehow still legions who fail to understand that sanitisation is a ~hallmark~ of advertising systems which Google has been an unusual blip in until now… Which is why content ~of all sorts and media~ that pushes limits tends to be monetised other ways.

There seems to be a whole lot of living in such a bubble that broader context is missed going on :<

JhK says:

AthleanX is legit. Best resource for fitness on youtube by far. He doesn’t advertise much (other than saying visit my page once at the end of every video) and he knows his stuff.

Gareth Pilling says:

love athlean x

Zyzor says:

can you do more videos about Vince Garza? What is he up to nowadays?

WesOfX says:

Elgintrapsity, would you rather do only box jumps for a week or only kipping pull-ups for a week. You have to do them at your favorite gym during peak hours.

Lee Rob says:

Fuck you and ur channel.

Alexander Koeth says:

I looked for a video about your opinion on athlean-x to see if you are a hater or not. Well done mate, jeff cavaliere is a king.

Cue says:

“Happy mothers day to your stepdad” Im weak!

jmj gaming says:

trapaholic mixtapes

Benjamin Voss says:

Fake weights are American as Trapple pie

J - Guz says:

“My deadlift form is perfect” lmfao

Ben Dover says:

4:05 got me in tears lmfao!

Quincy Track Club says:

I was gonna call you Lobster Traps, but seeing as you’re from Maryland perhaps Star Trap would be appropeau, although only locals & east coasters would get the reference.

Krzysztof Czeski says:

Did you ever watch Dr Jason Fung’s Aetiology of Obesity? It’s on YouTube I think you would enjoy that. It’s very informative.

justin case says:

I turn my adblocker off for your vids.

Alex Samuel says:

Great choices in timepieces!!! nice top 5 holy grail

Vicente Ruvalcaba says:

great videos

RobD8870 says:

Trapesaurus Flex.

William Piland says:

“I dont have friends based on quota”… Im gonna use that when people bitch about how i dont hang out with them.

Candi Soda says:

Thank you for the time stamp glossary. I always appreciate youtubers putting in the effort to that

Troy Stuart says:

Lat Von G!?!?

Pell EL says:

Per my experience. You can arch your back on a bench, but your ass has to stay on the bench. Keep it reasonable…

Gorka Arzallus says:

Hey Elgin a.k.a Glenn Quadmire. One question and one confession:

Question: If you could train with any fitness personality, who would you choose?

Confession: Some years ago, when Mike Chang started his YT commercials, I have to admit that I tried the towel rows. You have my permission to roast me.

That’s all, keep it up my ninja.

Reynaldo Palacios says:

honestly Elgin, your videos are always on point and it’s always hilarious as fuck so thanks my dude. how hard was it to become a lawyer?

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