Psycho Dad Watches McJuggerNuggets

Jesse panics after he finds out that his Dad has been watching his Youtube channel.

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Keep it RiDGiD, my friends.


robert h says:

is any of this real

Football Champion says:

watch your language

Liam Young says:

Jesse you big fucking lyer

Andy Nguyen says:

I’m sad for corn

RobTheBoss YoutubeGames! says:

well jessie let me tell u but ur the one who told him to record it and ur the one thats uploads everything so stop saying that ”i cant believe that he uploaded blah blah blah” and it was not your friends fault so stop controling ur friends and get a helper to help u with your anger issues

Dane_Prime_At_Vlogs says:

you are a bad friend

diary of a wimpy kid series /Mario games to says:

I love your videos make more videos about your dad

*Kamui_23* says:


NoisyManstuidos says:

Hard to believe this came out a year​ ago

Interra says:

Video starts at 7:12

Mohammed Reza says:

Faku McJuggerNuggets

Claudia Andrade says:

Cut your hair man

Tristan Keil says:

#Jesse you are the worst friend ever 🙁

Sarfaraz N says:

Was the frog a paid actor as well?

Trinidad Alvarado says:

its obvious because he know jeffre’s filming and dad destroying things so my theory is that i think he had an idea and went to go see the channle

Colin Brands says:

you fak men He yot

Danny says:

When People Still Don’t Realize It’s A Series

Series Definition: Made Up Skits

Isaiah Whitley says:

you are a bitch

膨胀的 says:

Sounds like someone is shooting a plane down in World war 2 14:07

Star Wars fan says:

Jesse you uploaded that shit don’t blame Corn. You betrayed your best friend.

Trinidad Alvarado says:

its obvious because he know jeffre’s filming and dad destroying things so my theory is that i think he had an idea and went to go see the channle

Nacker TV says:

eat that corn

Maha Yehia says:

Remember when you went to boogies

Creeps says:

Who’s here from the new BTS video?

Coke Steelman says:

guys remember it’s a series

Tiffany says:

You should treat corn like your friend and not like he owes you shit you’re so disrespectful to everyone around you

RobTheBoss YoutubeGames! says:

u selfish-bitch

Ellie's Random Vids says:

I didn’t like this part of the series much tbh

Proximous says:

Oh my god Jessie is a fucking dick

Jarard Canezo says:

Jessie don’t listen to your dad corn didn’t do anything wrong

Toast3dMiLK says:


Cheese Nutz says:

I would of said Jeffery filmed it

Xpert KLNbro says:

Jesse is so nice to his friend being sarcastic

ImperialKnightHD says:


Koby Markheim says:

Jessie is a piece of shit

Colin Brands says:


Miguel Moran says:

Corns acting is trash and he’s always about to smile in every act.

wesley ogilvie says:

Some friend you are Jesse!

Tristan Keil says:

I feel bad for corn

dark chan says:

jessie,your should go apologize to cron.this is your fault lol.
you too psycho dad,change your self a bit ‘for you wife’ this is not a way for ‘OTOKO’ lol

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