Pixel Watches: YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 | #YouTubeRewind [BRITISH REACTION]

This is something that I’ve done on YouTube before so felt like giving it another go! YouTube really means a lot to me and 2017 has without a doubt been the best year of my YouTube career so far!
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Here is the original:


Burning-Ice says:

Be so good if jp fell off the building

Daniel Ibarra Aldaba says:


Snipe 10 says:

Pixel needs to be in the next one

Dr Bamboo says:

Nice reactions on this video 😉
And wow just realised that I am 444th like xD

FinesseSquad says:

luv all your videos keep it up. Future million subscribers

PlayingJaguar 50 Rocket League and Fortnite says:

Where’s pewdiepie

Waffle Gaming says:

I mean I think adding RL into it would be awesome, it’s maybe been one of the biggest games, almost everyone has played it, even Pewdiepie! So YT Think about that!

ItzCobs says:

Mans not hot

Super Gay says:

Where was pewdiepie

Nate Berger says:

aye tpindell

Armen Kourkounian says:

Or was it idk really

Harry Stark says:

Why do you wear a ring on your finger?

Sarrox Gaming says:

Did anyone notice at the graveyard there were dead memes on the gravestones?

TryHardMatty says:

the moment you were talking about the shooting stars meme. i knew you were one of them, the normies

aidgam1 says:

I can’t believe they didn’t add one bit of a diss track

MMcL 1908 PS4 says:

Where’s jack and Ryan

Elevation says:

I’ve made my own YouTube rewind 2017

jack michael says:

Anyone else see brave wilderness? I love that channel!

Scratch RL says:


bosslife 11 says:

That diet working broooooo good 4 u

-o!G- Clan Leader says:

When he said shooting stars is the best meme fgsd fade away.

Max Ness says:

I was going to say, we’re is MARK

George Pritchard says:

Who wants to forget dabbing?

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