Pawnshopping for Watches

Checking out some local pawn shops to see what they have.

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Mike Nguyen says:

Great find on that Elgin. I love pocket watches. Also, it’s too bad about that Rolex. Beautiful dial but dang, that’s way too much polishing. Sucks.I’ve been to a few pawn shops but nothing that struck me as something I had to get. Maybe one day I’ll get lucky and find something cool in one of them.

Watch Addict says:

the pawn shop near me has like every preowned rolex model but there such a ripoff idk why lol

RMK says:

Wow, great find!

510MyTube says:

the rolexes that you purchased, were they ever serviced? or did you ever had to get it serviced once you brought it home?

ornament design says:

CG congratulations with new old Elgin superb craftsmanship, quality and patina 🙂

Steve Smith says:

Why do they have so many Datejust’s in pawnshops?

Sir Alfred Powell says:

Make sure they don’t have any fecal matter in the crevaces from years of phisting CG. All the best, Alfie.

kash official says:

Love it check… I like the linen dial. And lovely elgin congrats

Matteo Tufilli says:

I’m absolutely fascinated by the Pawn Shop… Unfortunately in UK or in Italy they don’t have the wide range of products that they can store in US… And in addition, in US you can find some great bargain, like a Rolex Datejust for 800$… Unbelievable!!!

Great contents as usual!! Congratulations!!!

Timepiece Addict says:

So you just brought in a tripod and camera and asked them if you could shoot b-roll in there? And they were cool with it? I feel weird asking, so I’ve never done it before.

Mike Sierra says:

cg will it be possible to mod a seiko tuna 019 and if parts like bezel and dials are available and I’m after a black pvd version of the oyster bracelet off the tuna 019 any ideas where to look , thanks again your videos are always informative and interesting Archie luxury has a release channel we can go on just to let him have it just though you’d like to know lol

Matt Stevens says:

Yeah that lug has been polished into oblivion. A lotta metal has been removed. Beautiful dial, of course. Gorgeous pocket watch and a very nice pickup.

Bob FromBrisbane says:

Nice video, it is surprising what you can find when you start digging around the traps so to speak. The pocket watches look very interesting. Cheers.

K.D.P. Ross says:

*LOVE* this vid.! I’ve wandered into pawn shops a couple of times hoping to see something interesting in terms of watches, but I’ve never seen anything I liked. That holes-case DJ (the 3rd that you showed) was lovely … I’m not sure how to phrase (i.e., this will reveal some biases of mine) this politely, but how do you know that a Rolex at a pawn shop is genuine? Congrat’s on the new ‘desk clock’, love free-sprung balances!

Ana Isidro says:

nice watches. Not exactly looking for anything right now just saving for one of the grails. But we never know. Nice video. Cheers

Watch Addict says:

how much was the blue Dj?

Horologist Extreme says:

Hey CG it’s your new friend here with the new Black Bay Black. Initials MM. Anyway I changed my screen name for privacy reasons. I hope you have figured out who this is by now. lol.

Bruce Williams says:

Haha that’s aweseome! Nice find and pick up CG. I’ve gone around to pawn shops before hoping to find a steal or two. Only found a lot of no name quartz watches and several 50mm+ Invictas! lol

Juan says:

Great video.

Tachanka says:

Love the pocket watch! Most pawn shops in me area have no good watches. Until recently I found a tag Indy 500 ( my grail probably a weird one). and a lot of rolex, omega, and tag there. I also saw a Elgin pocket watch with a pocket knife I liked but didn’t have enough on me.

Stewart Craig says:

That’s a awesome pocket watch. Work of art.
When I go to the Porn shop all they have is saucy movies and I still have a floppy disc drive

Fred T says:

Oh, I love this idea for a video!! tremendous! I love the music too. hahaahhaa

Bert Ruiz says:

Congrats on your Elgin ! well done CG ! your vids never disappoint !

Anree Little says:

Love the video. Checking out local stores and pawn shops is a great pass-time. The music was great selection for your vintage treasure hunt. Challenge: I ‘double dog dare you’ to put that pocket watch on a chain and use it tell time at work (like an old-timey train conductor) !

LLD says:

Great find on the Elgin CG! I inherited an Elgin pocket watch that I think was my dads or grandfathers and according to the serial it was made in 1898! Also still runs and keeps good time!! I dont wear it often, only when I am feeling fancy but I need a top hat and monocle to go with it hahaha That 67 datejust was sweet as well. love the dial!! do you think the lug hole would have ever become a problem? cool video idea!! Keep up the great work!

The Style Khan says:

I’ve personally found better watches in vintage stores than pawnshops but thats my personal experience check out Atom Warehouse he has had vintage Doxa, Zeniths, Blancpains, Seikos, etc all under $400.

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