New Streamer Mistakes – Why No One Watches You On Twitch

Wondering why no one watches you on Twitch, YouTube or Mixer. I break down the hard truth why you cant grow. Lets Go!

If you are a new or smaller stream on Twitch, YouTube or Mixer, you mostly likely have a hard time getting viewers and followers on your channel. Growth can be very tough on all streaming platforms. But it is even harder if you are making mistakes that affect your growth. In this video I will go over the top mistakes new and small streamers make & how to fix them.This video is perfect for any Twitch streamer looking to grow and refine there stream channel.


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Elsa Debroglie says:

That last one is 100% wrong. Take some of the top streamers right now: Shroud, summit, drdis, ninja. They all rage fairly often and in different ranges of emotion and people actually watch them for those moments…

Over Skyz says:

hey i liked and sub! ur the best can u go to ? pls i need help pls i wana know if everything is fine pls

Murph Games says:

i do not know how to put panels on my twitch channel page, nothing on the internet helps me to make them and if anyone can sheds some light on this please lmk and help me learn to make panels on my twitch channel

ActiveXXV says:

how do u adjust ur face cam on ps4 on fortnite becuase on ps4 it’s only the corners option

Fin says:

FinTurtleToes Check me out please?

SweLeono says:

Can you check my twitch Chanel: Sweleono

HaVoC TM says:

Could any one help me out to reach my 50 follower goal, if you need help I could help you out as well, my twitch name is HavocT1M. Here’s a link
Thank you

Kjaw says:

Yo, I’ve been streaming on Mixer for the last 3 weeks, 2-3 hours a day. The maximum viewers I’ve got is 8. I stream for hours with zero viewers. Please help me out at:

Jean says:

The last step is exactly why people watch tyler1 lmao

Kagenokami Sanguis says:

Hey, I am beginning to work on trying to become a streamer, could you take a look at my profile and give me some feedback?

Dozerbob says:

Well everyone loves to watch dsp complain and beg for money and his overlays or lack there of… so is he the exception to all these rules?

Donkey Boy says:

Does it help if you have a face cam when you are streaming?

Dr. lawZ says:

finally found a video about why i am losing views thank you @Wild4Games but i am really lost still can anyone help me out my channel is im not trying to plug in but just trying to find help


uh i only get like 3 people in my stream i stream fortnite on my other account but i made a lot of streams with none of these but still 3 viewers i have good graphics and stuff.. so what do you recommend me doing?

Grey Hound says:

I would love insight and critique on my channel if possible thanks!

CosmicChoc says:

I just hit affiliate today I’m so happy so I’m finding info about it, and you’re very very helpful. Thx :3

Not Cake says:

This is a 11 min video of him saying he is better then me

Sweeney Dunston Gaming says:

Nice info. I’m sharing this on Twitter.

Jim8ob714 says:

I’ve started streaming on twitch and these tips are great! My stream name is Jim8ob714

Charly Gaymers says:

5:27 best advice ever!!!

HuntmanWanderer says:

Hey bro, i was wondering if you would like to check out my twitch channel, making sure how good it is, or that if im making any mistakes or something like that, can you come and check me out? thanks! HuntmanWanderer

i am not good at youtube named says:

Hey can you come to my twitch channel and tell me what I need to fix it’s: forgetfulgamer34

Fun o one says:

And thanks for all the advice especially the audio

Ash says:

Thank You For The Help!!

Faltri says:

And I am here making content about clicking circles.

Gear Gaming says:

Thanks for the tips. Im thinking of live streaming here in Youtube.

Marek Valihrach says:

Just started streaming always between 8-14 people there… 😀

EripMav -23 says:

Can someone check me out

Nova Craig says:

id love feedback on my twitch! send me feedback at

GameWithSmith TV says:

It drives me crazy when i record a clip and my breathing is super loud. Something im still working on

ZT Gonzales says:

Not gonna lie. I feel like watching this is definitely going to help me out. Some of these mistakes are ones I’ve been making for a while and haven’t even realized how badly it can affect the growth of my channel. Thanks man!

Fritz Live says:

Thank you for the video. This helped me out big time. Please check out my channel

TheMadGamers says:

I just got roasted

Neo Norseman says:

Just Starting Out, Thank You For The Tips!

ArtLexx Games says:

I gotta Improve with issue number 2. Thank you WIld4Games !

Raison says:

Reason one You don’t have cleavage

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