Nerd³ watches strong pornography in VR

There goes the advertisers…

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MartinoSabo says:

List please? Just for a clearer experience of the video.

Satankitteh says:

That ending was beautiful

ITHORGVAR fuckface says:

Rebekka in more videos!

cyber pup says:

Links for a watch along? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Killer says:

Someone gimmie them links

Stips12 says:

I just watched 18 minutes of a man watching porn… How is he able to make a video like this enjoyable?!

Guy is a Guitarist says:


Matthias Tan says:

This is the most classy video of a man watching vr porn I’ve seen on YouTube so far

Dylan Pursel says:

What happened nerdcubed/Dan? You use to be funny.

Alex Celsius. says:


Tashfeen Janjua says:

totally not clickbait.

Legion says:

Well, this was terrible…

cyber pup says:

Holy shit do a room tour please

Martin Drkoš says:

VR porn should be interactive.

Nuskrad says:


Some Guy says:

This is why we invented VR

Joshua Stone says:

This is better if you imagine Mrs.Cubed is silently jerking herself and nodding encouragingly.

Skarredghost says:

Man, I’ve watched VR porn as well but haven’t had such strong reactions. What videos have you watched? I need to know that for a university research…

Gramer Division says:

Evil Morty!?!?!

kappa panda says:

this video was surprisingly funny.

Douglas Pealing says:

“What does squirt mean?” Bahahahaha I lost it there. I honestly have no idea why this was actually funny. Dan’s a legend.

DragonHarrierGaming says:

It is hard to tell if he is faking it or really watching porn

Also, love your setup Rebecca, especially the Zoro models

Bethan McCalmont says:

That bleeping really got on my mammaries

Aaron Walker says:

oculus rift thumbnail when hes using the vive….

Curtis son of Aries says:

dan you should release an uncencored version of this vidio

kindslap says:


Tommy Gun says:

How dare you think australians are unsexy. We are only unsexy when we are drunk

MrShroud says:

Milf backwards is Film? i mean it’s close, but not quite.

The Real Oiges says:

how long have you been doing this dan? LEVEL YOUR AUDIO. COMPRESS.

Taj Tango says:

Guess what I just came from doing 😉

Codeslamer says:

Watching a grown man describe porn for 18 minutes easily beats the real thing

Hewitttribe Tribe says:

Me and Dan have the exact same shelf

Also is Rebecca a fan of One Piece?

Carlos Collado says:

This video isn’t getting monetized that’s for sure

WhatNameCouldIHave says:

Has pornography in the title, still monetized. GG

Nightrader says:


Vasily Magik says:


SimpleKhajiit says:

surprisingly entertaining

Dominik Kuharić says:


quep wirtoy says:

What is this…..

Spastic Camel says:

Hey Aussie women aren’t bad!!

Dr. Abdul says:

This better be strong from fallout or I’ll be disappointed

jawad ben says:

u got taged to do the ice bucet chalenge lol by francis

PleaseEndMySuffering says:

How is this monetised…..

CallyGem says:

This is just exceptional. I am so happy with your new style, much more honest.

tranor games says:

the censoring is hurting my ears

Needsnewnam3 says:

Uncensored version at 4K subs?

Zombie world record attemtps says:

Well that was…

Darsh Jalan says:

I just realised the biggest unkown downside of PlayStation VR

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