My Wife Watches Naruto For the First Time: STANKY CHAKRA (Episodes 14-17)

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LLFTAIPmetalman says:

What are these words…

Abby Rose says:

Pls do more of these i live for them

Lord Explosion Murder says:

Can’t wait for her to see the next 3 Naruto episodes. Those episodes made me never forget Zabuza and Haku throughout Naruto and even Shippuden.

Zukki says:

Are you gonna do the filler ? Because it would take way too long

TankP0wnz says:

Yall got 600 episodes to get through

العالم بالعربي says:

You’re married !?

Nightksa1995 says:

This chubby nerdy asian guy is actually married?!

Funky Saturn says:

I thought he was still in High School…

mana269 says:

You and Ann Marie (sorry if spelled wrong) are OTP for life

bogdan culea says:

Hey, you

You’re awesome
Have a nice day

Motavar says:

*reads title* Wait…how old are again?

Dallas Charlot says:

I’m really glad you guys decided to keep watching together

dam donut gaming says:

Are you going to be at anime expo

Hunter Rivera says:

Naruto is love, Naruto is life.
Naruto fucked hinata with shadow clones.

DreadKiwi says:

Kinky Gecko.

IAmWoat says:

I just started watching Naruto a couple days ago and I’m already on episode 108. I can now say I love Naruto and I’m obsessed.

AlexaG says:

Ive been watching naruto recently (im on episode 20 something of season one) and let me just say I AM OBSESSED. I don’t know how I lived before I watched naruto. I realized why I love it so much- I’m a real life version of naruto- well, early season 1 naruto anyway. Except I have 0 ambition LOL

Tanner Human says:

Y’all are afoooorablw

Testsubjex says:

My favorite Naruto arc remember when the show was about ninjas and not whoever has strongest jutsu or kekkei genkai like omg if you just kept being ninjas and having tactical fights Naruto could have been such a better series and Naruto was a demon that was so sexy

It'sAlexForShort says:

Your wife? I thought you were 15

Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss says:

u wife cute

The Fist says:

When you realise even the master of weebs have a wife and you are single asf

Dicerolledan8 says:

Lucky bastard. Sexy wife. Big channel. Cute cat. Fuckin hell man. Seriously though man good goin bro.

Emil they/them says:

I remember watching this when I was 12 and I was SO Worried about Sasuke

Robert Carter says:

I love how when they watched the first couple episodes, she was barely into it and now you can see the hype growing steadily.

Alexander Krestan says:

I gotta be honest, before I read the title I thought that you’re doing a video with your mom.
(Not to be meant as an insult to your wife, I’m happy for you that you found your soulmate)

Ian F says:

Not meaning to offend you but you don’t look old, you’re baby faced and that’s not an insult, I just didn’t expect that you already have a wife.

Noah Paulette says:

ProZD your like 17 how are you married?

Testsubjex says:

Prozd please watch jojos bizarre it’s one of my favorites and part 5 is coming out omg oct

ink ella says:

Can you sing “Oh Baby, Baby (Hit me baby one more time)” in that goofy voice? Thanks.

Philipus Dean says:

How tf old are you!?!!??

Drink Listerine says:

The title isn’t accurate. You should put my Muppet Wife watches a waste of everyone’s time

Alien Child says:

Well, I started watching Naruto in Feburary, I’m on like, episode 126, and I haven’t watched it in two months lmao I need to get back to it

Dead Meme says:

I thought you were like 17

Thien Nguyen says:

Thats crazy because i just started rewatching to and i just watched all this a week ago

Puipuia Chawngte says:

I thought you were.. nevermind

Sarah Bee says:

These are my favorite videos lmao

King Azuzin says:

You guys remind me of the Couple from the short film before The Incredibles II

NimsChannel says:

I don’t think they ever wear pants.

Ben Ozcomert says:

The ninja dogs are really useful and deserved more screen time and personality

Akutomi - says:

No joke, I think the shot that you showed at 6:22 is the best shot out of the entire series. The animation effect is like if you only used speed lines to draw the characters. So fucking cool

Dank Memes says:

They remind me of the couple in the new pixar short bao lol

Wonderland Resident says:

I remember watching this for the first time when I was 9. The first few episodes I HATED Sasuke, but when I thought he died I started crying lol.

Yudi Leylin says:

I watch you watching Naruto.

ArachCobra says:

I gotta agree, this part has some really well done scenes and emotional highlights.

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