My Final State Of The Watch Collection – December 2017 – Omega, Seiko, Rolex, Sinn, Fortis & More

Today I share the very last state of the collection (SOTC). In this video I go over my watches and what I love most about each time piece.

To view my current watch collection at any time and to keep up to date with changes I use and recommend Snupps:

My current line up consists of the following watches:
Rolex Submariner Ceramic Date 116610LN
Seiko SKX007 “Hunter Pro Mod”
Squale 1521 (Blue/Polished)
Squale 1521 Lion-Shark
Seiko Fifty Fathoms Super Mod
NTH Nacken Sub
Seiko “Ripley” Sprit Smart SCED035
Timex 1968 Marlin
Universal Geneve Cal.42
Tudor Prince Date-Day
Mara thong Navigator US Gov. Version
Dubey & Schaldenbrand Rattrapante Index Mobile
Rolex Explorer 214270
Omega WW2 Pilot CK2292
Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 “Flighty”
Sinn 104
Breitling Navitimer A23322
Fortis Official Cosmonaut Chronograph
Rolex GMT Master II 16710 “Pepsi”
Casio Protrek PRW-3100Y-1B
Casio DataBank DBC-611

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Michael Stewart says:

Don’t sell the Sub, TGV. As soon as it’s gone, you’ll want it back…for sentimental value at least, there’s no replacing your original grail.

xavi Bon says:

Not a big fan of anything German (for their horrible history as a country) but that sinn 104 looks very nice…

MorrisUK1990 says:

the Näcken is absolutely beautiful.. i dont normally like divers but that is amazing.

Lycosa says:

Awesome video and collection, tgv :). I wanted the Seiko Flightmaster (flighty, flightie). But it’s out of stock and eBay prices are like 300-500 instead of 140-240. Wouldn’t mind it being quartz, love the alarm and overall busy and detailed dial! Functional.

djwindhoek says:

I can’t believe you’re going to sell you Ratrapante. And after selling your patinaed Omega earlier this year as well – yer aff yer heid TGV ;0) p.s. I think you forgot to include your honorary Seiko SARB033 (I know your wife technically owns it now, but it deserves a sneaky mention nonetheless) and what ever happened to your Casio f-91W?

Michael Cobo says:

Huge fan of that fifty five fathoms! I hate to be a copycat, but I would love to know the specs of your model. I’ve been obsessed with Blancpain since I started my love for timepieces but the price is a little out of reach. If I could get my hands on a model just like yours for under 1k I’ll invest the money in a heartbeat. Any chance you could help a fellow watch lover out?

amyloidse fibrose says:

I do not agree with you TGV. You could at least do it once year. You have just ruing my day !!!!!!!!!!

Tony Doan says:

I’m surprised there’s no speedy in your collection. Whatever happened to your FOIS?

Kelven Ng says:

So glad I found your channel. I only started on my watch collection but it I am grateful for channels like yours that show me all there is to appreciate with watches of all levels. Great collection!

chowmein12 says:

Would love you to sort the f book page out and stop people posting guns with the watches really disappointing

1okanaganguy says:

It’s Gov worship, hey? Anything wrong with that?
New camera, new lights, new editing gear…you are on your way.


tenorbanjoguy says:

I do understand not doing the SOTC videos, however, it is very enjoyable having you do a summary review of a group of watches in addition to the in-depth reviews. I hope you will consider a new format that would accomplish a group viewing of watches you have on hand at a point in time. Hope that makes sense! Thanks, awesome stuff as always!!

Daniel Monge says:

Keep the SOTC please. It’s tradition. The app is nice but with YouTube we can hear that passion of yours that we all love.

Kamekazik says:

Where is the Tissot janeiro?

ProenskiKaproensky says:

Shame this channel isn’t really progressing; much of the same really. So I am out.. say hi to your good friend Frederico!

Shafaq Alvi says:

How do you sell sir? I have few watches in my collection which I dont wear and want to sell.

1002timbo says:

Love the collection video. Mine is a bit more “compact.” I find the more pieces I had the less wrist time each piece received. The collection, as it stands today: Tudor Black Bay 79220N, Omega Speedmaster Professional 3750.50 and a Rolex GMT 116710BLNR “the batman”. Thinking about adding a Panerai 112 and an IWC Big Pilot 5002 and take the collection from “the 3 Musketeers” to “the Fantastic 5.” Thoughts?

tortugabob says:

Love the background drawings. Classic.

pferde frosch says:

which strap is that on the blue squale (light leather with ‘spots’)?

Stonewarrior27 Gaming says:

Have you ever heard of Sekonda? Their vintage de luxe watches are apparently quite good! Their new watches are Japanese Quartz and some actually look pretty good!

Gian says:

submariner is the one that i have always dreamed about…. it’ll be the next!!

rumporridge1 says:

Lol. No state of the collection. TGV you’ve gone mad!!!! Lol. Well at least an “interim state of the collection”. Or quarterly. Like a business report!!!! Always staying in tune. Btw. Rob from WatchBuys said hello. Missed you at the showing in Manhattan.

peter zwegat says:

„If I had to buy something from the holy trinity it would be V&C all the way“ (The best 10 most underrated watch brands on the market video) ….. I personally don‘t have to wait until next year to know which brand you chose 😉

leadballoon06 says:

The price on omega vintage watches has exploded to the realm of rediculous lately. smh

Max Ashby says:

I’m always drawn to the Seiko Flighty

Vanessa Mercedes says:

So i wrote you in the email if I could buy that one seiko off of you and now it’s gone… guess too many emails and it just got overlooked ☹️ sad about it

omerfar says:

WHY NOT !!!! We like it

Manuel Gonzalez-Rey says:

Don’t you have a Glycine ? Don’t you like them?

Vinny Ocean says:

When you own a Rolex it’s hard to wear anything else.

F. P. Gilbert says:

“The Seiko shuffle.” lol I’ll have to start using that.

MMX2 says:

Amazing collection. You need a speedy man on the moon in there also. Perfect and amazing collection

TheBlackDog73 says:

What happened to the Bulova Spaceview?

Andrew Heading says:

No SARB033!!! – thought you would have that forever…

Rebel Piggy says:

I would like to say “thank you” for having this channel.

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to get my husband for his birthday. After watching your videos I have finally decided to get him an Orient Bambino. Now that I understand more about watches I have been looking at some for myself now.

Thanks for the great videos.

Garrett Hu says:

How much for the D&S?

Nils Werge says:

I feel that I as a Swede have to comment. “Näcken” is a mythological creature, much like the greek sirens, who plays the lyre by a riverbend. He lures people to drown them in the water, he is quite beautiful. The submarine is named after this creature, and one of swedens most famous poems is about Näcken. Being ‘näck’ is also a swedish word for naked.

sebastian Mekiassen says:

Where did you get the strap on the Seiko sna411 from?

Teachering says:

I can think of no other watch channel that has educated me to the variety of time pieces that exist. Of the watches presented it is the Breitling Navitimer and the Sinn 104 that most catch my attention.

B J B says:

Grail has to be the ALS

peter zwegat says:

WOW! this collection is pure class!
I love the Fortis and the Dubey Schaldenbrand, but as my Grail watch: I mostly adore the Sinn 104 🙂
I definitely like all of your watches and can’t wait to be able to afford even one of those mechanical beauties one day…
I think you’re right that it is not important to do a state of the collection often, but once a year, before christmas… why not? it’s nice to watch!
Don’t you have a Speedy currently?
Thanks for all your videos, always a pleasure to watch!
All the best, happy christmas and happy new year, if this is my last comment before christmas 😛

Zachary Nagle says:

Out of all the Seiko watches you have owned in your life, which one is your favorite?

Gabor Jee says:

Umm you sold the omega speedy leather strap too? The remake one.


Please do a review of invicta prodiver limited edition stainless steel…have one but noone will do review on it but a lot of ppl complement this watch when I wear it despite it is a invicta please it would be appreciated to see it done by you I like the way you present the review thanks friend good day/night…….which ever it is out there

TimeKeeper says:

Love my new Marathon Navigator. I ordered the USMC version. The gas tube lume is really cool.

FreakyMotorrad says:

What do you guys think about the longines hydroconquest? Is it worth 1K Or what would you prefer instead of this watch?

Rodney Guinn says:

Have you reviewed the Certina diver ? If not please consider it thanks

Robert Loban says:

As the center of my interests cycles, I am back to pens. I just put other things on hold and emphasize one thing then for a period of time. With that, I am curious about Mont Blanc watches. I haven’t heard them discussed. I see, TGV, that you have expressed an affinity for the Parker Jotter. My emphasis is more on vintage fountain pens.

Ismail Gurkan says:

I love the skx

Enrico M.S. Fedele says:

Excellent videos, just started watching a few days ago, truly amazing.
I miei complimenti per la sua dedizione Signor Veneto.
Un saluto da Lussemburgo.

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