My Favorite YouTubers ! – Watches and More – YouTube Channels I Watch Every Day

My Favorite YouTubers ! – Watches and More – YouTube Channels I Watch Every Day

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about the youtubers I watch every day. The creators I watch for my own entertainment. Guys like LGR, SerpentZA, Watchfinder and Hoovies Garage. Who are your favorite Youtubers?

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GB10014 says:

where’s the Overseas??

Mark Playford says:

Apart from your good self..Bark & Jack is great and Adrian does not hold back either, always gives his honest opinion.
Armand the watch guy is always an education, mainly done with stills but great content. I’m British so there are 2 great ones.
Like Matt at carwow for his reviews, always interesting with humour too.

Bryn Roberts says:

Kdp Ross is good. He doesn’t do as much watch stuff as he did but still entertaining. I got into Random Rob recently. I wish Guideaux Pelagos did more stuff. I also wish Simon Crane, Jonny Casual and CG started up again.

Dude Mann says:

Hey Fed, Besides you, Jory, Armand, Rob, Bruce, and UG. The best IMO, Tim Mosso if your a serious watch guy, and enjoy dry humor.

Well Geo says:

Awesome that you watch serpentza! Loves his content and the production quality. For watch channels you need to check out Bruce Williams. His stuff is fantastic.

Alex Montez says:

“Just Blue Fish Watch Reviews” sometimes spends an hour reviewing one watch…so comprehensive and detailed.

Charles Jackson says:

If you like vintage european sports cars, definitely check out FabrizioDaloisio on Instagram.

free hey says:

Patrick Marlett formerly from Clock stock and barrel is very underrated

Ed Buso says:

Definitely check out One More Watch.. Its usually just reviews on pieces on the lower end but definitely a funny guy. Completely agree on WatchFinder they need to put out more content!

cédric says:

Missed ones: Simon Crane, CG AWC and Austin Daniels

wpherigo1 says:

Thanks for sharing your YT view list!

Ditto on the car channels.

Ditto on TechMoan — this is one of the best technology history channels on YouTube, hands down. Have see “The 8-bit Guy” channel?

Watch channels – ditto T3. I also like Long Island Watch, the Urban Gentry and 555 Gear.

Gear Reviews/Outdoors – 555 Gear, Nutnfancy, Sootch00,

3D Printing – 3D Tabletop, Makers Muse, 3D Printing Nerd

Mark Klein says:

I watch a lot of EDC videos. I watched MOD then he stopped and I watched random videos about it, but now MOD is creating them again. So then. I watch random knife, gun, flashlight, wallet videos, besides watch channels. All of them have been mentioned already. But I will say I do anticipate with joy the Federico and Jory’s videos. I hope they never stop. And now every Thursday I get to watch (pun intended) them together. You really need to come up with a name together.

Well Geo says:

Hey Fed, if you like film related stuff, check out Georg Rockall-Schmidt. He’s pretty hilarious and does a variety of content.

Shantanu says:

If you’re into vintage cars then I would suggest Petrolicious. Probably has the best production quality on YouTube, car channel or not.

James Simmons says:

Great video Fed! Check out Bark & Jack watch Channel really good new channel.

I also agree that Theo & Harris and the Time Teller are also good.

Roman Jeremy says:

SerpentZA ‘s content is excellent

Aspra says:

Lol 65 percent of those I already follow.

steven uk1 says:

sailing la vagabond and SV Delos, both sailing channels and very good.

BossDeFender says:

Wait, no word about Watchbox Studios? I mean, especially Tim Mosso is simply a watch knowledge beast.. Or is there also some sort of “beef” that I should know of?

Will Clevett says:

Got to say you’re my favourite watch youtuber, another one you didn’t mention was WatchArtSci, he really loves his high horology pieces at the lowest prices he can get them at 😀

Alex Alex says:

So glad he didn’t mention sguale dude, that would have been an instant unsubskribe.
Bark & Jack and EDCgunner are top 2 for me.

redbird963 says:

Quite surprised HODINKEE and Urban Gentry weren’t mentioned

Christopher Amendolia says:

You mention Doug demuro, Hoovie’s garage, and the time teller because basically those 3 channels plus you are my most watched YouTubers haha

Gabriel Yunes says:

Check out Horas y Minutos (Hours and Minutes). It’s a small spanish channel, but even if you don’t speak the language the pieces that he shows are amazing. Cheers!

M Riley says:

For SiFi Marvel Star Wars DC movie reviews:
New Rockstar
Emergency Awesome
Mike Zeroh

JamO says:

It is good hearing Rob F. recovered his Panerai. I semi-regularly watch all those channels you named, I am surprised!

Diego OG says:

3 months ago i purchased a 47040 for 20% more than yours Fed. No b&p too, really hope the condition and sales tax are the reasons for the difference in price. I saw it yesterday, and have had a stomach ache since lol. Anyway great vid again, keep up the good work.

uknowmysteez says:

Love your channel bro but you guys are grown men put the BS aside and squash the nonsense with TGV. Together you guys can be a MACHINE

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