My Collection 2018 Part 4 – Rare & Digital Watches – Universal Geneve, Seiko, Swatch, Casio & More

A year later and as promised, my annual state of the collection series returns! This time I’ve divided it into a 4-part series with the goal of focusing on the 4 key areas of my watch collection.

In this Part 2 episode I look at my everyday and dress watches, why I love them, what I dislike about them, share which is my favourite, which I have sold or traded in, and discuss my changing tastes.

Included in the episode is the Casio A148W, Universal Geneve Polerouter 20214-4, Swatch Jelly Piano GZ159, Seiko “Ripley” Giugiaro Design Spirit Smart SCED035, Casio Protrek PRW3100Y-1, Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V, Dan Henry 1964 Gran Turismo and the Casio Databank DBC-611-1CR.

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markvjh says:

Thank You, TGV. Big fan of Casio ProTrek Tough SolarSeries myself. Fantastic daily Beater.

Jason WB says:

Wish Universal Geneve was still around today. Back in the day, I think they made better watches than almost anyone else.

Elizabeth Milton says:

boyfriend forcing me to watch watch videos….. lol 😉

Dylanseptictoe Gaming says:

Hello urban gentry I’m Dylan I’m 13 years old and i collect watches this is my favoutite YouTube channel and your videos give my joy

Kaine Lofthouse says:

Love this channel, just bought one of the ‘dirty dozen’ would be great if you mention these watches to a fine collection

_BaniraAisu67 says:

The only watch that i own in your collection is casio a158. It’s cheap but I love it.

Chadwick Cooley says:

I recently acquired a Soviet Elektronika 5. Very similar to the Casio when it comes to the case, it does all the things a Casio would do, but they also have this melody to it with the series I own. It plays your standard digital alarm sound, Mozart’s Turkish March, and I believe Kalinka, which is a Russian Folk Song I believe. Really interesting piece to look into.

Nodari Kirtadze says:

So why don’t you clean your protrek? lol

Zac Hunter says:

I have an armitron 40/6256 but I can’t find anything on it

M Ness says:

Love it how u get amazed by the buttons on ure sports watch… amazing haha so much love to detail! Absolutely amazing

SimonTheWatchGuy says:

TGV – is the tick on the swatch loud? I have a random ghost (SUOK111) and it’s so loud…

Chris B says:

TGV you are awesome love your vids but your Facebook admins are out of control. You need to get a grip on them they are ban happy / power tripping happy! They are loosing you fans!

Greek Watch Collector says:

Is the Orient bambino small seconds RA-AP0004s10B good choice for second automatic watch and dress watch.

Nick Goreski says:

Would you trust to buy off this company on ebay? Has anyone ordered from them before? And does anyone know a better place to buy it from with a low price tag?

Fiat justitia ruat cælum says:

I remember you had a Tissot vintage chronograph but I don’t see it. Did you flip it?

Mathew EP says:

TGV, just found your videos and loving them.

Love your philosophy and outlook, but one thing that is rather infra dig is your use of heraldry. Have you ever thought about petitioning for your own arms rather than using matrilineal ones?

The pecuniary consideration is about the cost of a sub so well within the means of a chap like you. Would also be a fascinating journey for the Gentry channel in terms of the process and design.

Come on, you know should. Happy to give you contacts for one of the Heralds at the College of Arms.

HoWilbur HoWilbur says:

I like pul·chri·tu·di·nous


Can you please create a video addressing the vintage watches (Piaget, Breitling, Ulysse Nardin, Omega, Etc…) coming out of South America on Ebay. Thank you!

BeyondWrittenWords says:

So many watches, so little time

The Daily Beater says:

The thing that amazes me; you are as enthusiastic and exited about a quirky quartz watch as you are about high end Rolex and Breitling. You are a fine example to all genuine collectors. Thank you TGV, your videos are a pleasure.

AH H says:

Still plugging crap nothing has changed

Phillip Woolston says:

What app do you use to share your collection?

Liam Visser says:

Last weak I bought the Retro G-Shock 5610e Solar Powered Atomic Timekeeping watch…. I have worn it 6 out of the 7 last days because I was fascinated by how it looked slim yet solid on my slender wrist. It felt amazingly light on the wrist, indicated accurate time which is handy when travelling (catching busses for instance)… And the list of pros continues.Amazing value for money. I didn’t expect I would like it this much to be honest.
The more watches I buy the more I get hooked up into the watch enthousiasts world!

Anyway, keep up the great quality videos TGV. We really appreciate it. Nice camerashots + good editing + your personality makes for some very enjoyable videos.
All the best,

Frankie Eisenberg says:

Where is that video where you look at your Gold Plated Cartier Tank and that little vintage Rolex?

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