Mega Millions Drawing – LIVE COVERAGE 10/23/18

Is this the night you become a billionaire? Watch LIVE COVERAGE of the Mega Millions drawing to find out! It’s the biggest U.S. lottery jackpot ever: $1.6 billion!

In this interactive live stream, we’ll count down to the drawing and then give you the winning numbers for the $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot LIVE! And while we’re doing this, host Steve Lookner will read your comments and questions on the air!

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Fainfero Fainfero says:

There is no live translation!!! It all is a fake. There are filming meny dubles and showing us suitebel for them… CLAME FOR TRANSPARENCY…

Voice of Reason says:

The real winners are all the subscribers of this wonderful channel!

Kirk Moore says:

Lotteries are a tax on the stupid!

7jacinto Martinez H says:

Mega 7 es el ganador

Crypto Mania says:

This must be record views stream for AFTV, congrats Steve!

Unit731AU says:

Saudis give up more info, 3 6+ earthquakes next to Washington, a 14,000!strong horde is approaching America, and you have news on the lottery. This is becoming Free-Agenda TV. Love you Steve. Wake up to your bias and quit covering the NBA and the Lottery. No one cares but idiots.

Bravo NinetySeven says:

Best quote of the night: “I see the balls!”

Ghost King says:

I always give money to help out this channel and some other ones I follow.

Tania Yamada says:

TheLotter (⌒▽⌒)

Flying monkey says:

I got 3/4 of my money back. Guess I’ll just go blow it all on Powerball for tonight

David Higgins says:

Steve’s found himself a nice 1/4 million viewership niche here with this Mega Millions. That’s smart of him. Doing his thing, proceeding along. It is best occasionally to diversify into other more mainstream topics, even commercial ones, if it’s what the host wants to do, pick up that viewership, then they may tune in to his other off beat broadcasts.

Makes sense completely. Mr Power Ball himself, give the public what they want. NOW the Mega Millions outfit need to export their operation Worldwide, with ticket terminals in Worldwide major cities. WHY NOT. Give the people what they want, or is it just for the shiny few, the Americans. A lot of things are, always creating a tier system for their products and services, putting themselves on top in the first tier every time.
Usually getting the People of every other Nation around the World to partly subsidize the domestic prices, keeping them lower, by charging higher elsewhere. A nasty way of doing things… the American way.
Laugh and grin all you all want, it isn’t sustainable, it won’t last, it’ll soon be coming down for y’all, and hard.

luis reyes says:


Misty Shelby says:

According to SC lottery site someone in SC hit all numbers for jackpot.

living in a desert says:

Never will I be a winner. I don’t play.

Gary Vinch says:

I had a guy at Cumberland farm market ( who could not speak english) try to tell me that he would not sell me a ticket at6:05 AM.

Talos 620 says:

I’m so glad someone from a no conference state hit. South Carolina is one of the few states where you’re not forced to do a news conference in front of the World!! I believe the other 5 are….1)Delaware 2)Kansas 3)Maryland 4)Ohio and 5)North Dakota.

RubyTuesday says:

Contrary to what one commenter said, thank you Steve for covering this and the long hours. I know elderly people that spend $4 a week and it’s their only entertainment, except for .05 bingo once a week. They are not idiots, they deserve to play if they want. Steve has covered lots of sad, disturbing stories all the time, and people were begging him to cover the drawings. Nobody is forced to watch the channel. Hope you get some sleep Steve!

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