Joe Satriani Watches My Channel? Inventor of Fuzz Dies at 96, Dylan Tele Fetches Half Million! – SPF

0:31 Does Joe Satriani watch this channel or something?
2:07 Prince Yellow Cloud guitar sells for $225k
2:45 Bob Dylan Guitar sells for $490k
3:46 Elvis Presley – founding member of Motley Crue
4:52 Inventor of Fuzz guitar effect dies at 96
5:52 Gibson Guitars asks bankruptcy lawyer to forgive current building lease
6:42 INFLUENCES: Maiden m/

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Angelo J Richetti says:

Brad this whole thing with Satch and Blackmore is ridiculous..Blackmore is most certainly correct in most he many guitarist today think speed using tons of effects makes you great..No it doesn’t not at All..especially to the older and more established guitarist..and they are all sounding like everyone else..its actually innovation what so ever..myself along with loads and loads of other guitarists stick with the true innovators of hard rock guitarist and Rock guitarist like Edward Van Halen..Jimi Hendrix and Les Paul because they were and still are True innovators..the 3 lituarlly changed Rock guitar forever..yes Satch is a great player..but don’t forget why he is..ill say it again..if their was no Van Halen..Les Paul..Jimi Hendrix..their would be No Satch..Vai or any of them today thats not a opinion thats just straight up Truth..Blackmores comment had lots of truth to it..

Jimmy D. says:

Maiden rules m/

Dan O'Connor says:

Brad, another great post. Keep it up man.

Ralph Higgs says:

Shut up!

petey twofinger says:

of course JS watches – you know what you are talking about and admit when you dont . there are too many guitar related tone kings and tube maniacs . i said it . your one of the good ones . stay real . lets party .

Robert's Guitar Dungeon says:

I don’t know why that article on Prince’s Cloud Guitar was just published. That guitar actually sold a year or two ago. It was purchased by Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, who has a HUGE vintage guitar and rock and roll memorabilia collection. I got to see it right after it was purchased because Irsay’s personal curator is a friend of mine and he was showing it off after it was acquired. Somewhere In Time was also my first Maiden album, and I still listen to it to this day. Good video!

Mark Cummings says:

A Karmann Ghia was know as the “Poor Man’s Porsche”

Tony Duncan says:

As ever, you have enriched my experience. Thanks.

Sally Taylor says:

ritchie who?….

stratorarious says:

Hilarious! Thanks

Oscar Meyer says:

It’s an old story, that repeats itself more often than we would like. Half of all parents are self-centered scum, too worried about what their missing to give a shit about their children. Guitars are great, but if you do anything in life-raise loving, well-adjusted children who know how give joy – and enjoy life. Those that accomplish this-die with a big smile on their face. That’s success, not strumming power chords on a stage in front of a bunch of drunks.

abjr2010 says:

It was always a part of the musical experience to listen and get lost in the album cover.Being under the influence of  5:27 just took things a bit further. Your sense of humor is the same as that of crazy geniuses. ALL ABOARD!

Rick Romanelli says:

I was a junior in High School that year. It was a memorable year for sure. Thanks for the great story. Sorry about your folks.

MayorMacDeath says:

Was this before or after Forrest Gump taught Elvis to dance?


’86 was a great year for all the various shades of metal. I recall from that year Wasted Years, Master of Puppets, Peace Sells, Rage for Order, Reign in Blood, Fatal Portrait, and Trilogy just to name a few!

Mike H says:

My “metal moment” didn’t happen until 7 years after yours. (you’re 3 years older than me). In my case, I was riding in the car with 2 kids who had just moved in next door to us.

I distinctly remember “Tony, put in the Metallica tape.” It was the black album, and since I’d been raised in a Southern Baptist household, I’d never heard anything like that before. And like you, it changed everything I thought I knew about music.


Brad, I have an old 80s Laney AOR pro tube 50 and it needs a Tube Amp technician. If you aren’t interested could you recommend someone. I’m in the Fern Creek area. Thanks and love your vids.

Blaydrnnnr says:

Iron Maiden… Dave Murray.. one of the biggest idols in my young life. To this day, after 40+ years of playing, still, and never will be, as fluid as he is….great memories….


Satriani has a hard on for you Brad! Ha! Watch your back mate… 😉 Is that the same Tower Records where Lemmy bought the Beatles box set & the girl behind the counter gave him her personal set because they were all out?

Fender Blues says:

Hey, this may seem a silly question to some and there maybe a simple answer. Why does the bridge on some guitars slant towards the neck on the high E side, but not on say a Fender Strat or Tele and others, this as puzzled me since I had my first Guitar in 1963. I know it’s to do with intonation of the thinner strings, but why the difference on different guitars. Thanks.

Freestyle Farming says:

Were the dudes in the front smokin something funny and you got a contact high while looking at the cover????? Those probably were “WASTED YEARS” LOL!!!!!

Wayne Towers says:

I’m going to see Iron Maiden on July 31st for their Legacy of the Beast Tour, it will be the fifth time I’ve seen them live. Great band, great music, great album cover and sleeve art, down to earth ‘have a chat over a pint’ guys. Up the Irons! Keep up with the great work that you do, Brad. 🙂

LRoy Shreding says:

Iron Maiden !!!!m/!!!! I was there Live After Death Filming , recording, March Sat ,15 1985 Long Beach Arena, floor sec b= center row 28. They were perfect !!!! My first metal album is Kiss alive one i was 10 or 11. Maiden came later.

David Caron says:

Jim Morrison poetry, you just won a thumb up sir!

Celebration of the lizard

Scott Riddle says:

Ya I had my eyes opened and my little world I knew grew ,and at that time I didn’t know want it was but I knew that sound and rhythm was the best thing I’d ever heard! Brad I wanted you to know I’ve been watching your channel grow for a while and it just keeps getting better and better man . Im glad that you try new stuff too and your right as people we have to always check ourselves.

TheDogpa says:

The streets around the Capitol Records building is full of homeless and crazies…Gibson would fit well there…especially if the bankruptcy falls apart…

eddie julian says:

That Joe coincidence is awesome, pretty much word for word.

George Paxson says:

Powerslave tour and two minutes to midnight. I too was hard on Joe. Saw his show a couple of years ago. Great quality show with real musicians. Not so hard on Joe now.

john tone says:

I love the slick Albert Hoffman reference there bro! The perfect companion for fuzz is LSD!

ben galvin says:

HEY MR GUITOLOGIST! i am not sure if you know but the artist who did all the IRON MAIDEN art work name is DEREK RIGGS and he has a book out with all his art in it every iron maiden image you could think of including the art from that album. i own a copy of the book not because i am a huge IM fan but i love the art the book is called RUN FOR COVER THE ART OF DEREK RIGGS. treat yourself.

Mark Cummings says:

Nice and informative, but what was with all the jerkiness of the video – very choppy.

Richard Weinberger says:

Brad, if you really want to move your game up a few clicks then come to L.A. a few times a year and make music videos for Norman’s Rare Guitars 🙂

Snakefinger1000 says:

I remember that time when the folk fanatics flipped out over Dylan going electric. I thought it was cool and still loved his acoustic stuff as well. My [now ex] wife’s work colleague ‘s husband was one of those idiots. At a dinner party I was boasting about the 20 tickets I had to his gig in Sydney and he turned purple with rage. Knuckle head !

Unfcknblvbl says:

Hubris kills…

tmitz73 says:

Wasted Years Bro!!! That solo made me want to play guitar and did at 11yrs old. Gonna listen to that Jam right now!! Thanks man!! Keep making the great videos!!

Zed1967 says:

What a lovely video. I think a lot of people can associate music and art with escape.
For me, as a teenager, the song that touched me was Look Over Your Shoulder on The Steve Howe Album.

tmitz73 says:

Midol!!!! Classic!!!

Paul Cartwright says:

lets do a web funding and buy that Building ??

MayorMacDeath says:

I’d have to say Judas Priest’s “Defenders of The Faith” was my first real metal experience but not too long after that I got turned on to Maiden’s “The Number of The Beast” and “Piece of Mind” at the same time. I was hooked. A few months later I got Metallica’d, then Queensryche’d, Megadeth’d, Suicidal’d and Slayer’d.

Dave Morrison says:

Are you shitposting me!? Somebody got Whitney Houston’s stage-worn jumpsuit!? For $32k? I would GLADLY have gone $32,001. That’s it! I’m off the wagon!! Oh yeah? Call my sponsor?! Call your own sponsor!!

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