It’s Been A Tough Year… – Federico Talks Watches

It’s Been A Tough Year… – Federico Talks Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about the year I have had. 2017 was a very tough year. But the end went with a bang. Delray Watch Supply is in full swing and I have no one to thank but you guys! Thank you.


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Bobby Harrington says:


Gerold At Large says:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Fed.

Whinelike aTurbine says:

Love your videos Fed. I really appreciate listening to someone with industry experience! It adds so much weight and quality to your videos.

Eye Eye says:

Merry Christmas Fed! Keep doing what you do. I live in the area – do you have a physical store? Be nice to see them on the wrist.

Eric Thornton says:

I’ve really enjoyed your videos! Merry Christmas and good luck.

Sam Jep says:

Really enjoy your videos Fed! Keep em coming. Merry Christmas to you from UK.

Bobby Harrington says:

TGV is a tool . Forget about him.

David L says:

Long time viewer … I recall watching you and TGV and Christian together a while back thinking u guys were all on your way…. I guess folks can get caught up in the glory of it all and Im sorry that seemed to have occurred with you and TGV …u guys all seemed so damn down to earth and altruistic about one another. NOt a pleasant experience when things go in an odd direction…. Best to you for ’18 ..your a survivor baby!

Aramis7 says:

Enjoy your vids man, merry Xmas and all the best for the future. Cheers from Australia

Ashwin Kumar Thiruvengadam says:

Most welcome and thank you for your reviews. Have a great 2018

Donna Thomas says:

No, thank you! Love your attitude and your videos. Enjoy your holidays with the family.

bo redeker says:

Merry Christmas pal. We love your commitment and conviction and passion and I hope next year is very success.

thomasbudi2000 says:

It is sometime tough start but it is a start of something good. Remember Josef, one time sold by his brother, convicted without fault, in jail for years, next day he is standing beside the pharaoh and run Egypt. God bless brother. Many blessings to you.

Brian Wristwatchfan says:

Fed, yours is a GREAT story for Christmas and the start of a new year, an example of the truth that America is the land of opportunity, and the American Dream is alive and well. Success doesn’t just fall in your lap here, as too many seem to expect: you have to toil, sweat, and bleed to get there, just like you did, Fed. You are living proof that you can make your own dreams come true in this great land of ours. Buon Natale, Fed!

Cornelius Puiulet says:

Keep it going Federico. I don’t own a luxury watch, but I do appreciate them and love watching your videos and learning about the world of luxury watches. Maybe some day I’ll take my Garmin FR935 off and adore my wrist with a sweet IWC Pilot watch. Live the look of the single or double Pilot Chronograph or the Mark XVIII. Or even the Portugeiser.

Dwayne King says:

Had watched you before and liked your style – after seeing this – subbed immediately – “Personalities” can be mimicked/fashioned/copied, etc . Character and humility cannot – they are earned and forged in the fire. You my good sir..appear to be pure class – good on ya… something tells me 2018 is going to be a very good year for you! Merry Christmas Fed from at least one of your newest subscribers

itzali512 says:

Hey Fed, just wanted to say thank you for the great videos and content. I’m a fairly new subscriber having bought my first ‘proper’ watch a few month ago. Your videos have been a great place to get introduced to horology, so thanks again for helping to spark this new-found hobby of mine. Hope you’ve had a great Christmas, looking forward to seeing the levels you reach in 2018!

ProenskiKaproensky says:

You don’t know what happened? TGV is a snake and a back stabber that is common knowledge in the watch community by now. If he can’t use/ abuse you he will ditch you in no time (and you are not the first to experience this). I unsubscribed the weasel and I’m with you big guy, keep up the good work!

Stu says:

You are a good guy, hope you make it up with TGV

M Edmond says:

Federico I want to give you some solid advice. Being an entrepreneur is attractive but if I were YOU I would reconnect with a solid career opportunity and do the Delray venture on the side. You can easily do BOTH and you’ll see a significant change in your spirits. Your Wempe and Richemont experience can be utilized so much better IMO. Don’t get mad at me for being real but 100 watches sold between two guys is a drop in the bucket and not a career path. Easily a part time gig. You’re a good guy but take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are really making the most of your experience. The barrier to entry into the watch sales game on YT and online is very freakin low my man. Get a couple suits dry cleaned and network and find something solid Fed.

David V says:

Federico it will only get better for you and DW. Thank you for great content! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

evaninnewport says:

well done fed. all the best for 2018

Richard Ely II says:

Fed, Merry Christmas.  Thank you for the vids.  You are responsible for turning me into a Panaraisti.  I am looking for a 47 mm Radiomir.  Have a great New Year.

Mighty Mouse says:

Fed = Best. Regards from France.

David Augustine says:

Marry Christmas Federico! May the new year bring you health, happiness and prosperity to you and your family.

bo redeker says:

Hi Fed. For Christmas I received two vintage watches that are over a hundred years old about a hundred and ten years old they are both pocket watches yes like you I love horology it is my obsession. I wanted to know if you could tell me something about them and if I could send you personally some pictures I know they haven’t been wound probably 80 90 years. They are family heirlooms so the material wealth is irrelevant but personal. There’s a very fascinating family story behind watches but I don’t have the info yet I’m waiting. Exciting

JP Davis says:

Gdmng Fed, relate to this heartfelt message, it took courage to do it. Always felt a genuine quality to you. I remember when you announced you were heading to Fla. Think they had reached out to you? Had some interaction with them, did not like the vibe. Hope to buy a watch from Del Rey. Thank you for your sincere interaction with your subs.

Simon Swanson says:

Keep up the great work, Fed! Hopefully the watch store expands and you keep up the amazing content! Merry Christmas, happy new year, and best wishes for 2018!

Charles Walhingford says:

have a Merry Christmas and a Happy “Better” New Year

Barry E says:

Merry Christmas, Fed, and I wish you all the very best for 2018! Saluti!

Eddie Rusiecki says:

I hope 2018 improves for you.

Carlos Castillo says:

Thank you! Really…

George Grasser says:

Easy year for me. You make money. Spend 50% on your needs. 25% on watches and the final 25% you invest in Marijuana stocks. When you have 5 million dollars five years from now. The friends that left you will regret it.

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