IS THE ARCHIELUXURY CHANNEL A MESS???? Should I just concentrate on watches?

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adam says:

Star wars

Bert says:

It’s all gone pear shaped!

Ronny Paul says:

Nah, I kind of like how you talk about all sorts of male related issues and topics. Keep mixing it up fucker!

Zyzz says:

You don’t converse with your fans you dog. I hope this channel fails.

John Doe says:

THAT’s the movie.  Filming Archie trying to put a Benz together…

outerloop says:

Preach Clive!

John Kennekam says:

Focus on watches. Review luxury watches, but also discuss watches you feel the viewers should be warned against. Publish fewer but better quality shows. Maintain your focus, don’t digress into travel, meals being eaten, dating advice.

GR8FORU says:

Archie’s life as a film, well it would have to be a Keystone Cops type Comedy surely! Archie diversify your watch recommendations you can’t keep rolling out the same Rolex Polar, IWC Ingie, Breguet type XX, Omega MOTFM. Change it up Archie, get off your ass, do lots of exercise and you will lose weight and feel better. Good luck

Dave Lee says:

The “luxury”has turned into repetitive ebegging.

Barry island says:

You average about 1k for each Vlog. With 40 k subscribers..the stats don’t lie..concentrate on making 1 decent Vlog not 5-6 shitters’s just repetitive dogshit..the first rule of sales is communicate With your customers/ audience and make them feel it’s personal..but you care jack shit about your audience and just want revenue with your continual Ebegging…we all love a car crash buts it’s just becoming to repetitive ..

My Opinion says:

Take it or leave it, my recommendations are: plan and schedule a weekly topic (as diverse as you want). In addition complete 1 or 2 paid review videos each week, a single live stream and a new video subject ” getting to know Archie” when you can record some of your day to day activities / whatever it is you get up to….. a bit like a Vlog. In total 4 videos .

Equaliser says:

Have a flower arranging competition with Clive . But use your arses as the vases.

Steven Monash 62 says:

Keep going till you get the mickey mouse pencil case… I mean the silver button…. just 60K to go… Then when you get it.. you can circle jerk…

Mike Dennington says:

of course its a mess fatso has been told that time and time again and ignored the facts, its shit, its boring………..

Brian K. says:

No, don’t go back to just talking watches. I think the different things you’ve done, like documenting your trip to Melbourne and doing ice cream reviews, have really added lots of fun to the channel. Keep it up!!!!! I’d love to see you and the Sukahorn do travel documentaries and restaurant reviews. Could you get airlines, hotels, and restaurants to sponsor you guys somehow?

Tayyab Pirzada says:

Do more vids with Clyve, and get a decent camera you phucker

ぽんぽこ says:

What about putting a live cam in your place all day long? Or something like a day in the life of a pontiff with Clyve commenting. Then.people.could call you and you would answer questions watch reviews. When free you could comment on the current news or show your wandering around chrono24 or eladyboy. The channel.will then upgrade to an AC3 TV

Ming Damerciless says:

Is the channel as much of a mess as Arch’s genitals? Surely not!

Apollo Prospector says:

He’s got it arse about – the watches are the sideshow. Paul disastrous life is the main event!

The Artist formally known as Dick Dastardly says:


Lawrence L says:

Yes it is a complete mess – because you only talk luxury watches you end up discussing about 6 popular watches all the time. With the percentage of people buying these over-cost watches getting smaller & smaller thus Archie your channel is in the doldrums- broaden your watch horizons as you do with your food consumption. PS Archie the movie – NO THANKS

Chairman Rules says:

AC3 keep it going we love your channel!

Ming Damerciless says:

Archieluxury the movie?? Could you get John Candy and John Goodman into one phat suit to play Archieluxury?

James C says:

More hungry jacks videos

Dia Beetus says:

Phatso is a pimple on YouTube’s ass and no amount of Clyve’s blowing of hot air up his ass will change that.

marcus copley says:

No don’t stop your getting the mojo back 2016 was crap but 2017 is getting cool. now Clive is your side kick please just stick to watches not lady boys. Review watch collections. Talk about a wider range of watches not just your six shitters. Review brands and do some shit for free. This time next year you will have 100,000 views per vid. Most newbies buy cheaper watches not many start with a Rolex so cater for a wider audience giving helpful advice to get to higher horology not just saying don’t buy shitters. Don’t get suckerhorn on I think he may be the devil or Ming the merciless either way he’s a creepy fucker

Chuck Lai says:

I have told you a thousand times wear a facking suit or at least dress up better for the Archieluxury channel and try to stick to the nicer area of your house to shoot the vid and refrain from showing us your facking lower body when u are wearing no shoes and wearing shorts…centering in high end pieces. For the Paul Pluta Channel you could dress down, shoot it in a more relaxed room and go off on other topics like fashion watches (shitters), girls, travel whatever.. set the two channels apart… that would be the way to start correctly branding your channels. For Facks Sake.

blazinmark1 says:

The AC3 channel is turning the frogs gay!


i miss the swearing

zootius says:

BIG PHUN: Amuse your friends on the phone with the ARCHIE LUXURY SOUNDBOARD:

Jake Roth says:

Get ride of that dude. One douche is enough on this channel.

Dis Count says:

the channels phine …………the producer is a hurricane oph phucking mayhem

Mad Man says:

You just turned damn lazy, thats all.

frieswithmayo says:

Travel vids are fun too and u enjoy them too : next stop : onion rings in Sydney

My Opinion says:

Arch, you have lost your way with this channel. The problem (as far as I see it!) is that your content is too diverse for a channel supposedly linked to “luxury”. Maybe you should start again and wind down ARCHIELUXURY. On reflection, how many viewers really want to tune in to a watch channel where all you basically say is “it’s a shitter, or it’s a nice piece”?

randy brickson says:

wallow stroker fest is not luxury as far as I know

Decon says:

Phul Phist productions.

Solid Snake says:

paranoid schizophrenic believes hes actually a comedic genius. not exactly a beautiful mind. no cannes film festival for you

JDave Foster says:

More mongering and dating videos – the punters want bang per buck!
Luxury Mickey Mouse pencil case reviews!

adam says:

Should have kept well dressed well spoken,and reviewed watches and all things fine.Americans like aristocratic acting.

My Opinion says:

Don’t give up but face reality and take stock! Reduce the number of uploads but improve the quality! Rebrand. I believe most viewers are interested in you, as Archie; and not the content so much. Experiment, evaluate but don’t rely on the cash flow to do this full time!!

Amintas Neto says:

Keep pushing big boi. The Archie Luxury channel is the best definition for the word mess that has ever happened

frieswithmayo says:

How about offering an annual subscription : 10 watch closeup vids, 250 $ a year

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