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Jeremy Benjamin says:

50k watch when you can barely pay bills?

free thepeople says:

thought you had to move back in with mom so witch vid is full of shit you where crying because you had to move in with mom and now your traveling and buying a watch so many of you utubers ARE FULL OF SHIT I don’t understand why people waist their time watching this bullshit TOTAL CLOWN

sdfdsfs dsfsdfsd says:

why this nigga flexing on himself?
hold this L lil nigga

Chocolate Milk says:

So fake

Jalen Payne says:

Just bought a $50,000 Rolex BUT is going broke because bitcoin crashed shit aint adding up

LIL99 says:

lite coins and ripple coins dump bit coins on january 1st #cryptoamen

LIL99 says:


Elecx Kelly says:

Dude u invest big funds into something ,YES…with a Risk Dude. But never ALL YOUR MONEY. That’s what fools do. Never be greedy and never be foolish. Money is not everything, it is a currency…only.

FatalShotz 婞 says:

why the fuck would you make a video saying your broke, when you know niggas are really out here struggling during the holidays. it’s pretty fucked

nicegoodspeed1 says:

Too much ads on 1 video. Didn’t finish watching it.

Riley Sperbeck says:

The only reason I’m watching this bullshit is cause “I’m going broke cause of bitcoin”

Nicolas Chaput says:

Dude has 7 ads minimum in his videos. Never going broke.

Binh Le says:

The fact that you said you put 300k into a coinbase “app” made me laugh.

Gaming Ballz says:

Bet you regret that watch now

Red Gatorade says:

God, why do we make stupid people famous?

Wafaa Sadry says:

I thought you were going broke?

Terence Ram says:

Posts a vid about going broke because of bitcoin crash, with a tear in your eye.. very next day, posts vid about 50k watch. 529K subscribers…. Good job. i dont know how this dumbshit finds its way to my feed.

Kazia1 Bug says:


Lebron James says:

You over there crying on your other video about going broke… wtf

Kyle A says:

Should’ve used bitconnect and put all ur bitcoin in there and never buy high again u idiot it was gonna crash do your research before u put 300k in it

LIL99 says:

what up no more beef unity u inspire

anana anannan says:

2 videos you were crying about losing your money on bitcoin, now you’re buying a $50,000 rolex, you are such a dumb ass motherfucker

Le'Trail Tresalus says:

McQueen bruh Wtf ,Why was he sitting on the car like he was just post to be there like that?.?Bruh im dead!! 3:16

enrique bravo says:

Nigga I thought you was broke because of bitcoin ?

Unreal says:

Why are people watching this guy? He’s just talking like a thug and flaunting his cash. Many wow much productive. Disgusting

Ryan JoRay says:

so you are going broke and bought a 50k watch? How were you able to make a 300k purchase on the app of coinbase at 20k? I sense a shady kid getting views. You bought at an all time high. Not Nate’s fault.

Johannes D says:

that Clock dont cost 50 k bitch, you allways dubbel the price on Everything and sometimes trippel fake hoe

Gucci Turtle says:

Yo I gotta say DGG you are a very good actor

wildwilllis1 says:

why u lie then go waste more money

kartstar22 says:

Going Broke tf?

dnice250 says:

Intro song?????

xXOssisxX says:


marlon666 says:

This is the guy with the bitcoin bullshit story.

Mike Gomes says:

Bro don’t sell you Bitcoin!! Just Hold… its going to come back up!! you only lose when you sell

EqualPvP says:

Didnt u loose all your money on btc lmao? wp

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