Heitis Watches Review: Chrono, Classic, and Pilot

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Mark Bloom says:

I’m all about the diver watches but I’ve recently been noticing the pilot watches, that black and red and white chronograph also look way more expensive than they actually are! Very nice!!

ornament design says:

Professionally review as always from you CG. I like Heitis Pilot model.

MK. Harvey says:

American feeling flieger. quite nice. CG what do you feel about PVD case dress watches?

Rodney Thomas says:

Nice looking pieces C.G.

stephen rhodes says:

Aviation pieces have historically always been large for legibility so i don’t have a problem with the sizing at all. The Pilot’s the best of the bunch, it has that classic Germanic look to it. It almost reminds me of the classic Stowa Pilot.

Ana Isidro says:

no. quartz is a NEVER for me. aren’t there too many small brands in the market these days? cheers

Scott S says:

I don’t know why these watchmakers have to go so large. No thanks.

so crispy says:

I like them and for the price they are a fantastic deal especially when they have sapphire crystal when some of the more expensive do not.

Ken Cooper says:

I’ve seen Kickstarter watches before and pretty much have been disappointed with the prices. But Heitis must have been reading my mind because I really like their pricing.

And the first and last ones you reviewed are beautiful (especially that aviator)! After going to their site I saw the chrono with the white dial, which is quite an eye-pleaser.

As always, love the way you bring the details to life!

Praxedis Lindsey says:

wow…thank you yet again…

CHRIS LJ says:

They look nice, especially for the price. But once again, way too big for me. I am in the market for a quartz chronograph, but 44mm is just too freakin’ big. It’s the same with that new blue & white SqualeMatic that just came out, another 44mm. Arrrgh!

nav san says:

meh meh meh under $20 to produce. Scary how much profit there is in junk watches. I’m I being mean?

Greg Tilley says:

Loved the aviator watch it looks great my only dislike isthe lume ,but great starter watch! I would buy it!!

fldiver jc says:

nice watches..I don’t mind them being quartz or the size.
had subbed you after the live Q&A with “j”
after reading some of the foolish remarks being made..I must apologize for the stupidity of others..there is no place for crude ignorant remarks on watch chanels..we are all here to share our passions..kudos for not going off on them..just shows ur a better person.
nice to know ur a citizen fan..I do have a question regarding them. .
the aqualand is like their flagship dive watch..I love it..but why did they go with a lower depth rating than on their iconic eco-zillas.
in closing I find ur content very informative

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