In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I want to show our appreciation by giving away two free watches. All you have to do to enter is subscribe to our channel, follow us on instagram and input your email on our website. Good luck!

Thanks for all the support!


Our Instagram:

Please subscribe to my channel:


John Barros says:


mookrage says:

Mookrage has spread……

Big Willie says:

Is that a Submariner Clock in the background? I need some information in that. Awesome content Fed, always love your channel and reviews. I love seeing how far you have come. Keep up the good stuff

Robert Padilla says:

What about the people who don’t have to want Instagram? I have no desire for any social media profiles

Greg Fowler says:

I’m a subscriber
I dont insta gram can I still enter?

Loren Sangster says:

I’ve done all 3… for a long time now! Hook it up, brotha! :p

Wilfredo Moisés Bautista says:


Brian Godspeed says:

Subscribed on YouTube, Instagram, and the DelrayWatch Newsletter. I look forward to wearing that Tissot!
In addition: I only just started looking into watches. I’ve been learning appropriate dress attire and customs, and have come across “Vincero” being promoted aplenty. I enjoyed the sleek design of some of them, but thanks to you and your channel I won’t be getting ripped off by a cheap brand. Thank you for keeping me informed, Federico!

The California Company says:


A A says:

How will you cross-reference the YT subscription, instagram and e-mail? I used different accounts for each one, sorry. Do I need tto do it over again?

Bill Jones says:

So excited!

Dotlets GaTe says:

Please give to me. In my hand no mare watches because of money

Niko Lukic says:

Done and done. My Instagram is @_mozartinagokart_ I hope I win!

Jules Vereijken says:

Done! I would love to get my first automatic watch from The Man himself! Thanks for your great content Federico!

Henrique Cabral says:

Please, help me get a swiss watch in this jungle that is brazil, here every time pices cost at least 3x their price in the rest of the world. The strugle is real

brunogolsen2 says:

Done, done and done 🙂 Would be cool to win as yours was the first watch channel I found after I started collecting and Tissot is my favorite brand 🙂

Tony Hill says:

Generous gifts.


Good stuff Federico, love your channel, thumbs up as usual! 🙂

Mike Hayes says:

Love the crap out of you and your videos, keep em coming!

RATUL CB says:


Federico Talks Watches says:

Once we pick the winner’s email we will have him contact us through youtube and instagram to confirm.

Ray Quintanilla says:

Thanks Fed! Sounds awesome!

O'Scarroll says:

You have some lights? I assume led? Do you have two? Put one closer and one farther away. One will be a key light and the other will be a fill light. Also, white walls are tough. A “gel” or filter like opal over the lights would soften it up. Painting the wall Rolex green would help too lol. If you have one light, buy a china ball from Ikea and use it as the fill light. Cheers!

William Albert says:

Love the studio and the mic! This is a much better venue for videoing your youtube casts. Looks very professional. Thanks for the give away. Congrats to the winners.

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