Evil Ukrainian Watchmakers / Butchers – Frankenwatches Converted Pocket Watches

Evil Ukrainian Watchmakers / Butchers – The ArchieLuxury Channel


Jack Heck says:

THUMBS UP if you agree is Archie is talking shit whenever his lips are moving

Howard Pascal says:

Even the immigrant scums don’t want go EE

J Zepher says:

thank fuck… Archie’s not really an Aussie.


CeZaR NeBuN says:

he has to make a living…

HifiCentret says:

Did anyone manage to count how many times the word “sh!t” is said in that video?

Bryan Cerrati says:

i wanna know the sellers name on ebay

gmshadowtraders says:

Archie, are you related to Tony G by any chance?

haomiaoliu says:

@vampireLOREN He is a “first-rate” watch maker and he makes crap; is that your logic?

DJ Gomez says:

Never buy anything from a russian

Marktuyet says:

If you read their descriptions on eBay you will see they clearly state that the watches are marriages . The sellers clearly state that some dials are new and some cases are also new .My point is that you may not like these type of watches but it doesn’t seem like they are trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes , fucker . lol ! They are nice novelty pieces and selling like hot cakes from what I see . Some people just have too much money and no cents .

Hangfire-13 says:

I have actually seen these watches on eBay and knew something was screwy with the large wrist watch from 1909!?!
Thanks again for setting the record straight!

Rich Dubbya says:

So correct… I almost fell for this… Some are cheap Russian Vostok or Raketa with Luxury swiss branding … Definitely stay away from Eastern Europe and Russian sellers. They sell these watches from a California store front for ebay purposes. Most are apartments in Glendale or North Hollywood..

Илья Соколов says:

Evil in your ass. Jyrnyj Pidor)))))

suFicMidLal 5150 says:

damn, i think your way of speaking is perfect. a lot like me actually. so how about Android watch now Aragon. i have 5 now and i love them. id love to hear what you think about the divemaster collection.

Илья Соколов says:

you are dirty pig!

yermanoh says:

Not a single fuck me dead in this video. I’m very disappointed.

mattbod says:

I have bought several Soviet watches from a professional watchmaker in Ukraine as I like their history and durability. This guy works wonders on the watches. They are spot on and as accurate as many of my much more expensive watches. They are the genuine article and he has 100% positive reviews. I don’t know about other sellers peddling Swiss frankenwatches though. I wouldn’t touch anything non original personally and I am sure there are dodgy Ukrainian operators.

discodamo666 says:

Evil Ukrainian bastards – lets bomb the Ukrainan peasants

Gopikrishnan G says:

Gr8 wow ok ok so u don’t like those watches then pls send it to me

alexkidca says:

man this video made me laugh that i so needed, thanks keep up the good work

JP JP says:


Nelson Q says:

video is older but informative. These fackez will have there day fucking pieces of shit ripping people off from there hard earned money. buyer beware of a good deal.

Herman Ingram says:

Richter and Horowitz were Ukrainian.

Rover Waters says:


tom magnum says:


Ivor Biggun says:

Hey! yu are teadding on da fin iyce mi fren. I cut you frote and bugga you dog iv I fine you. IGOR

skitman1958 says:

I agree with Archie on this. These pigs are fucking people over. Never buy shit from these mother fuckers.

Leroy Jenkins says:

Probably a grave robber.

seymore glass says:

Hi Archie; harsh words to heed… have to admit a few years hence and your message is still hitting home. Thank you, I almost bid on what I thought was a cool V & C wrist watch converted from a pocket watch via an Ukrainian Ebay seller. My suspicions were raised when I recalled in a different video you mentioned V & C dropped the “&” after the 60’s…snooped further and realise something may be rotten in DEnmark. Thank you. Hope you’re monitoring your site still and get the small dose of smug satisfaction from killing a sale for these charlatans!
Cheers from Canada.

PD Nonce says:

It wouldn’t be an Ebay seller named wandolec would it!?? This is a seller who has come to my attention selling some simlar looking fabricated vintage watches. Its amazing this seller has managed to build up a 3000+ Ebay rating. It is a kind mafia in that he’s a ‘made guy’ with Ebay so it is difficult to get his litings pulled with such a high rating

Ben Hetherington says:

Archie is a legend his superior knowledge is awesome and his delivery is second to none .

Galilleo9001 says:

Fat impotent with old Mercedes thinks that he know about luxury))))))

aguiloco says:

I have one of those pocket watch conversions, I dont know if it is from this ukranian seller. YES they are not original watches, YES they dont have a good re-selling value, YES you can call it a Frankesnstein, YES you can affirm without being mistaken that they are not pieces for the “serious” collector, BUT I love what they did with the Longines movement in my watch, looks great, keeps good time and is easy to mantain. If you like the watch and the price is right I dont think giving a new life for those abandoned old pocket watch movements is a crime. Beauty is in the eye of the observer.

Marktuyet says:

By the way , just checked out the guys eBay site and he has over 4000 feedback and 100% positive .That is not easy to do . congrats to them .. Hey fucker !

spy8464BB says:

forget about politcal correctness Archie is absolutly correct about Russia and i would add most of eastern europe. i think the correct phrase is fucking sneaky russian. right on Archie.

Ivan Hart says:

In my humble opinion , some of those watches looked quite good. The problem of course is that they were trying to pass them off as Vacheron Patek , Rolex , etc. at a massive profit. If they were sold at s reasonable price , with the original makers name , they would sell very well.And of course inform people , they are converted pocket watches , it would increase their novelty value.Remember the first wrist watches , were oriiginally , pocket watches , converted for use in the First World War , by officers and artillery men for convenience of use.

Gahri Smee says:

Enjoyed the Frankenwatches most likely would appeal to the steampunkt community, as for the rest of us a bit sickening .

Stranded Alien says:

He’s definitely made an improvement on the Rolex.

MrStoneycool69 says:

I wouldn’t be surprised, Eastern Europe speaks for itself. No wonder they stealing and stripping jobs in the west like a pack of locust’s.

Magister Ludi says:

Archie is such a snob. Wandolec has a very good reputation and his website is very clear about what these watches are, and what they are not.
These are vintage pocket watch movements in a new case and Boris creates some very beautiful pieces.
No, Boris doesn’t spend his time e-begging on youtube, he is far too busy making a living creating beautiful works of art.

XpertJim says:

Excuse me shut the fuck up bitch you old ass fat clown Russians are not drunk where the fuck did you fucking get that you bitch ass fat clown

wolfumz says:

I love how Australians just accept openly racist sentiments. In all fairness, one has to be careful buying watches from Russia or former Soviet countries- unlike the western world, organized crime has investments in what are legitimate businesses everywhere else.

L8bro says:

Thanks for the heads up on these Frankenstein watches.  Argentina is full of them too.

Obaid Carkey says:

archie went to ukraine to fuck cheap whores and not for the watches at all!

ww2875 says:

By the decree of Ukrainian law, for the slander of the Ukrainian Nation, people, country,
all the evidence of such is compiled, documented, and passed to the appropriate authorities.
Battalion “AZOV”, that currently fights in the east of Ukraine and highly Nationalistic, got a great amount of interest in you. They are ready to prove you otherwise about their country. ….”Beware of the pig farm”…..N right extreme times- extreme measures. Gassing is back in….

tankfran3 says:

Fucking ukranian/eastern European thieves, beware buying anything from these evil fuckers, they will rob you senseless and try to rape you raw at the same time.

z1522 says:

A brief scan of internet, especially Ebay, ads, shows many such dishonest sites; these at least demonstrate some expertise, but some show obvious crap xeroxed dial images which have no relationship to any historical period or tradition, so they’re sole purpose is to snare the naive.

danny son says:

Lol haha ur the Man I like your tone so funny

Filiu1 says:

USA not to be trusted, because they are gay extremely stuped and ugly.

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