Drunk Lesbians Watch “Below Her Mouth” (Feat. The Gay Women Channel)

On this season finale of Drunk Lesbians Watch, Amanda, Sarah & Adrianna FINALLY watch *that* movie. And can barely show any of the sex scenes so enjoy facial reactions.


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Victoria Venturo says:

Omgggg. I feel like I said everything you guys are the things I yelled at my screen when I watched it!! Thank youuuu lolol

Margarita Filina says:

“If that scene was in Carol, I would have been fine with that.”

chantelle desvignes says:

Circumstance and Concussion movies

I'm Le spider says:

Tell me why, in the first sex scene, I thought it was Leonardo Decaprio.

Ry Don says:

Please do Portrait of a Serial Monogamist

Meg Delaney says:

Requests to Drunk Watch: The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (2010) – The Girl King (2015)- Better Than Chocolate (1999) – Tipping the Velvet mini-series (2002) – Out at the Wedding (2007)

nic bern says:

Guys you really need to react to “our love story” a korean lesbian movie. PLEASE

Kristina S. says:

You all are funny as hell. Love the reactions and the song lol.

Priscila Castro says:

I feel soooo bad because I’m from Brazil and in our Netflix we cannot find half of the movies you guys comment about 🙁 So I come here to check it out!

Courtney Nicole says:


Lindz Can says:

*This is what happened to Willa before she came back from Wynonna Earp*

Alpha DoubleS says:


Lazy Potato says:

This entire video has me dead?

Kristina Lopez says:

The gay women’s channel and drunk lesbians watch?! Best of both worlds! Also, kind of obscure request but “Kill for Me” is weirdly unique sooo maybe?

Kristina K says:

Great channel

Jessica Cadence Ashes says:

i got to say, as someone who
thoroughly, sincerely enjoys
your wonderful, Lively, fun,
happy content of reacting to
Lesbian & queer content, i was
so deeply disappointed in your
reaction to this film, & your take
on the charachters. i think they
did a great job realistically
fleshing out the charachters, &
telling a romantic, kinky story in
a well-paced plot. it’s the only
lesbian film i enjoy, & the fiance
was the only bad charachter in
my opinion. he was a boring,
timid male who jasmine obvi
wasn’t attracted NEARLY as
much as dallas, because dallas
was actually willing to support
her career desires, & knew how
to make her feel wanted,
needed, & Loved in all ways.

dallas wasn’t this predatory
jerk y’all viewed her as. she was
confident, & assertive. sure. she
was a Little damaged & closed
off from anyone but jasmine,
but that’s cuz jas was the only
one she seemed to be in Love
w/ in her whole Life, & vise-
versa. it doesn’t portray queer
women negatively either in my
opinion. it was one of the only
films i actually felt Like i could
relate to either charachter, & it
sheds Light on what realistic
passion & Lusty Love Looks
Like in my opinion.

i think it’s by far the best
Lesbian film out there, & much
better paced than most other
movies. anyways. thanks to
anyone who read this. just
wanted to give my thoughts.
have a beautiful day everyone.

Leslye Aucancela says:

Watch “it’s in the water” 🙂

Luana Leal says:

I loved this ❤ omg

Monroe Tory says:

Blue is the warmest color next ? 🙂

The Joker says:

God this movie smh. I agree though, is it worth cheering on queer content that doesn’t positively portray queer people? Love Sarah and Adriana so freaking much. First channel I ever subbed to on Youtube. *Have you ever considered watching Fingersmith? Sally Hawkins and victorian lesbians. Just sayin’*

CBL TWX says:

You should watch « Blue is the warmest color » ! A great movie I’m surprised you didn’t watch it.

Chara_ MimL says:

For the love of god, watch The handmaiden. It’s fingersmith, but Korean.

Haylie La Testa says:

when elise knows 2/3 earps

Emilia Tiji says:

I love “Drunk lesbians watch”, hope you return soon. Good luck in all your projects!!

kay m says:

Okay I’m new to watching this series but I love it. It makes me crack up. Have y’all considered watching a little bit of gypsy? I know it’s harder bc it’s not a movie but I’d love to see how y’all react

miranda b-g says:

watch blue is the warmest color

Renslow jesépaqwa says:

That was soft porn. Not that I mind but They should’ve warned a sister. I started to watch the movie with my mom (Dont ask why, I started the movie and she appeared) and I had to give up.

Thalia Rose says:

“I feel nothing” ok

Shout Peace says:

They roofed together. Big tiiiime.

Lira Feliciano says:

actually i started watching it and then did not finish it, so this is the a spoiler that i dont want to know hahahaha

mic hackleman says:

I wanna see y’all do Desert Hearts (1985). It’s a beautiful movie, very good. My favorite queer film. I watched it for the first time, in secret, when I was a lonely, confused teenager and it still means so much to me!! So yeah!

Mintspice's Music says:

I’m sorry, all I hear when they say roofers I think roofies. That’s the mood of this porno…. I mean movie

Alicia Cho says:

Also definitely the handmaiden

Renegade made says:

I like the movie it’s artsy. Art is supposed to speak for itself that’s why they’re is not a lot of dialogue

Alicia Cho says:

watch blue is the warmest color or there is this lesbian manga called citrus

Athenathe SheWolf says:

This movie was trash honestly.

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