Daz Watches You Are A Doctor

The next big thing in music!

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Maral Rahmani says:

u r the *doctor*
*i am the driver*

Ramiro Elgueta says:

I mean the guys got good vocals

Soulmaster17 says:

Is that a foreign Ozzy Osbourne??

Kanvas Nicole says:


Ramiro Elgueta says:

Oh my god you’re funny

IzzaBear says:

i kept on laughing when the man takes the hat lmao

Callie Hearts says:

She says I love you love you love you and I say he’s creepy creepy creepy

Flawless Gaming says:

Who’s hat is it!?!?

Lundyn Eggett 1208761 says:

you dont know how much i love ur videos daz i really want to meet you im crying when i watch ur videos

Southmall Ashnet says:

Cringe lvl over 9000000000000000000000000000

Hannah Scriven says:

Daz, you should react to the reptile woman that didn’t want to die a human

Fancy Ninja says:

This song sounds like it’s in reverse, but it’s not.

Linda Heron says:

daz this is true,
i broke my hand a few weeks ago and it really hurt. but when i got home i watched one of your vids. it made me laugh,smile like that im 8 so it was a great experience watching you everyday daz! i love your vids

O_Chin_Chin BOI says:

Taht happen to me but she took my hand and put my hand in her breast

Sabina Gray says:


Ramiro Elgueta says:

When he repeatedly said you’re a doctor, he sounded like he was saying you’re adopted

Samantha Dixon says:

hang some flowers in your car and you will get all the hoes. lmao

Sagey says:

Goth dab moth grab and now doctor dab

Layth Games says:

Hey can u play unturned it is an unperfect game and that wat makes it perfect

DaBombsta Gamez says:

Dad you should check out AJackoRocksVevo
Aka Ali Jacko

Good morning Aidan Jimenez says:

A month ago someone said I love you love you love you

LpsSugarWhisp :3 says:

after i watched this i went into the kitchen and started singing this and my mom……………..was SO weird ed out

Logan Nichols says:

Daz is beast mode

Alice Stoneham says:

You have a 12 string guitar?!
There’s a reason I’m a bassist- because my fat arse fingers can’t fit between the 6 strings. Let alone 12 haha

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