Daz Watches Three Beat Slide

This is art!

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caitlin says:


welcome to your nightmare

Timmy Gaming says:


When you walk in ur parents FUCKING RUSTING EACHOTHER RIGHT IN THAT PUSS HOLA AND R FUCKING *ehem* sorry got a little caried away lol

AquaHols says:

The tune is so repetitive, and they’re singing is… well.. my eyebrows need looking after since listening to them.

Alfie Earnshaw Potts says:

7:22 I’m sorry with this face he doesn’t look safe to go near parks. He looks like he fucking belongs on the register, if you know what I mean

Then again I looked at my profile pic and suddenly this guy looks innocent

Nathan Briggs says:

14:30 is the funniest lyrics ever

gary cannady says:

I.are they disabled

Stewart Owen says:

wow the cringe was so intense

Beep Beep Lettuce says:

Yeah, magic mushrooms

robyn rader says:

I think I’m just going to drag my sick ass upstairs and cry because those songs are awful


As I’m watching the video I’m playing rime and get a trophy called ‘don’t say no’ then daz says “HOW BOUT NO”

RedLine Customs says:

They will forever be virgin

SquertSquert says:

Truly a piece of art.

caitlin says:

around 1:12 i swear it says they’ll take you past Verizon store and explore your world

this sounds like pedophilia to me ngl

Frizzy Mustache says:

Please tell me this is a joke.

Sophia Hapfelmeier says:

*Are they for real???*

Odd kawaii artist says:

Walk Walk walk! Skip skip skip! Tickle! *sexual harassment*

Lorin says:

7:42 DEAD XD

Gill Mewett says:

7:24 evra

E Radzio says:

This is a video that you look up to break some laughs. I prob saw this 8 times…

Bronte Dyne says:

so creepy but funny daz

Daniel Hymes says:

R.I.P Daniel Hymes
Died of laughter

crissy conner says:

Lmao 3:47

?.NewPhoneWhoDis says:

This music is majestically, spectacularly dazzling. The overwhelming feeling I felt was compulsive. I felt high. My soul was cleansed as I was lifted to paradise. Truly, utterly ********magical********

Daan Meeu says:

Omg the cringe

poketale wolfcoyotegirl says:


Caleb Hudson says:

The only good part were the beach girls. The blue t-shirt and yellow shorts remind me of fallout boy

Adam Alexander says:

14:42 your welcome

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