Daz Watches Lil Tay

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vanya girl says:

did anyone notice in the reflection of the T.V. at the beginning of the vid that he was watching a vine compilation? LMAO

Milly H says:

So she got in her dads car and his money in her hands to make her look hard af but it didn’t do anythign

Dildo Teabaggens says:

She is a idiot

Kaitlin Pack says:

Nirvanna yesssss DAZ

SuperMysticButterfly says:

someone needs to call social services, this isn’t normal child behaviour.

Naruto AMV says:

why do u wear your watch on your right wrist? isn’t that gay?

Cjay Plays says:

1:50 I have the same TV as you

Katie Davies says:

Who else was low-key loving it when Daz was ‘Frexin’

Nerdy NotGirly says:

That is just a gag video, the kid fake asf

Puddles says:

It’s all about money with her.

Sydney B says:

My cousin has a better bathroom

Tracey Logan.Jacob says:

The beginning was everything. Lol like so freakin funny. I love daz.

Mother Jin says:

Her parents don’t even know she does this stuff

Claire Mattner says:

Daniel Bregoely and WowVicky

Fredstervlogs says:

So basically she got over 1 billion dollars in the case of 3 years from moving bricks how?

Gregory Collins says:

Im just going to say it but i hate kids like that they piss me off

Thorsannie says:

*how old is she*

RainbowLeapar FurGirls says:

where is her mom

Sophia Is A Cactus says:

The beginning killed me

Markiplier Potato says:

did anyone else see the tag on the coat at 5:53 XDDDDDD

Darling Charming says:

She got the money by moving brick

Renata Jakovics says:

He’s only ….. FUCK what’s he old wait a second oh he’s only 9

rip_ emily says:

This girl basically her parents are using her for fame and moving bricks mean selling weed

Anesha low says:

daz should make a DISS TRACK titled BETCH

allebasi notnef says:


Madison Cherry says:

Love your beanie

angietalksalot says:

Lil tay more like a lil female ricegum

Henry Williams says:

Does anybody else feel like head butting her?

wig snatcher says:

*iM oNlY 9 YeArS oLd*

Jennifer DiFilippo says:

ur old vines are awesome

Cuban dude says:

Niggas needa stop making videos of her. You as bad as her parents, just feeding the tumor…

Wyatt says:

Lil tay looks like fucking Russian dressing and her face looks like a toe nail

Watch mychannel_2 says:

32inch??I have a 65 inch, BITCH

Izzy Howell says:

5:02 the tags on her jacket, she bought it then she’s going to return it because she’s faking all her cash

Milly H says:

She makes me want to drink bleach

mr_werty 2 says:

Shut your ugly owl up. Shut your ugly owl up. OK? Don’t come at me with that owl. Pinch it’s beak.

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