Daz Watches Dr Phil High School Drop Out

You guys wanted me to watch some of the Dr so here we go!

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Toby Arren Rogers says:

She says high school is stupid and drops out and then says you need it then JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND WOMAN my parents we separated because I stabbed my dad

tyanna cartwright says:

When Daz attempted the eye roll thing she dead i was crying xD

Lisa Fischer says:

“I’ve been an adult since i was little”
She’s, like, really smart. She’s a *_stable genius._*

Armin says:

11:10 just a replay button

Drago Baggins says:


Vee says:

Anyone else think she looks 40 and needs a slap?

Matthew Sullivan says:

You need to react to the basketball bully it’s so bad

Daniel Berry says:

Daz clearly doesn’t understand the concept of a GED

Maia says:

people now just go to dr phil to get fame as they sow how it was easy for danielle bregoli to say one sentence and end up with millions of dollars

G-boyz 0506 says:

I am very surprised she is still in the parents will.

Erin Alex says:

“because fuck you thats why.” omg me


She oddly sounds like Danielle *brocoli*

accident prone says:

Daz is a wonderful dad. His daughter must be very lucky.

Migz Official says:

Now I saw a guy that do “Hell No”
Daz Black

Alyssa Luna says:

I actually agree with her

The introverted Owl. says:


iTzaiden543 says:

Do you ever play your 12 or 6 string guitar

X.E.X C.G says:

well they teach a lot of not um useful things in high school

Evan McCallister says:

I always love late night Daz binge watches.

CR FIFA says:

before i start this isnt a hate comment you the best daz but what i dont get is your saying how bad the internet is with taking too much in and washing out education but how would we see this if we didnt use them.

Lauren Sinclair says:

Kids these days… it’s sad that basically if you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth and aren’t spoiled your parents did something wrong and your life sucks. A lot of kids need to toughen up and stop whining about school nobody really wants to go to school just like how nobody wants to really work. Look at the reality side of things. Daz you’re 100% right kids are so out of touch with reality because the internet or celebrities influence their thoughts.

chelseaaa says:

the sketch lmfao

Chloe-Yvonne Hughes says:

I love your sketches so much! They mean everything to me <3

Pooplack 2004 says:

You have to be off your face
Me: *rips my own face off*
My mind:well shit how the fuck do I speak answer me God

Georgia Humphries says:

hey daz can u watch cardyb

aadil zeeshan says:

yoooo she could be possessed by the ghost that was moving her scarfs hahaha

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