Christian Guy Watches Cringey Christians

Hello friends! Welcome to another video! Today we’re gonna take a look at this Christian channel, and hopefully show you that not all Christians are wack jobs.

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العنقاء says:

Its weird that I am christian and I still get triggered by this?

ZoZilla says:

O_o Ughhhh. Honestly, I do wish more people were more accepting to other peoples different beliefs.

JustAndy says:

Iv been sure to let them know you sent me

Arte Silent Hill says:


Clorox Bleach says:

Some people make me wanna drink myself

Ant venom says:

Smells like some versy….. controversy

SuperMelonBros says:

Crush = God xD made us laugh these gurls crazy man

The milk to Brann's flakes says:


500 Subs No Vids says:

Honestly girls…. *iTs nOt OkAy*

daBeats says:

**sends hate to them**

BarkingSpider says:

Daulton you seriously my favorite person. I’m a Christian as well and hearing you talking about all of this made me so happy. I’m glad you’re using your platform to share your opinions and religion with others. I think God is truly working through you and this channel.

JustAndy says:

Great video leafy, Love the new banner <3

Elissa says:

Gosh dang it

JustAndy says:

This is self promotion.

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