Cheapo Watches Reviewed To Crumbles

#1: Naviforce 9028 Men Japan Quartz Watch-
#2: Naviforce NF9095M Men Dual Movt Watch
#3: Naviforce 9093 Men Watch-
#4: Naviforce 9066 Men Quartz Watch-
#5: Naviforce 9024 Water Resistant Male Double Time Watch-
#6: Naviforce NF9065M Male Military Quartz Watch-
#7: Naviforce 9092 Men Quartz Watch-
#8: Naviforce 3681 Men LED Dual Movt Sports Watch-

Men’s Watches Catogery-
Gearbest Store-

This is a sponsored video, promoting Naviforce watches sold at

A “The Slingshot Channel” Production!


Devon Cahill says:

Not on my watch…

Liz Wescott says:

Do they have phones you could test.

reggiep75 says:

I’d have liked to have seen a few drop tests with weight secured on the rear side of the watch to find an initial winner and then all watches tested to destruction.

Nice vid!

SeenCreaTive says:

I saw a few with broken bits, I’m not sure of the whole innereds of the Steve McQueen watch was supposed to turn

Jorge Escandon says:

The watch Terminator!!!

Esteban Pangur says:

At 12:37 the watch did NOT hold!)) if you pause the video in half a second and use “< " and ">” buttons on computer (not arrow keys, but the comma and the dot ones) to review footage frame by frame you can notice that the minute hand on the round watch is now swinging like a fast pendulum XD
But still – if in real life (God forbid) your WATCH faces that sort of beating – you’ve got to be concerned about the health of your hands first – not the watch. So the quality seems fine!)
I imagine a lot of uber-branded watches have lesser strength packed in glass and mechanics.

Plus – where is the slingshot a watch into the coconut in slow-mo test?))))

James King says:

Gear best is a good seller in my experience.

exaltdragon says:

“Genuine” leather is actually the worst kind of leather out there. It’s actually worse than PU(fake leather) and reconstituted leather, which while also crappy, at least are more durable. Luxury watch straps are always full-grain vege-tanned… in general everything else is crap.

Joseph Caesar Padrón says:

Best military watch in the world. CITIZEN Skyhawk AT.

Technie87' says:

All watch owners cringe at 11:40

Jan-Åge Iversen says:

Joerg, you should make the wrist bands for the watch that still work from rubber and have a giveaway. unless you have thrown them in the trash that is. c: if you haven’t it would be a good giveaway idea for a challange of some kind. just an idea tho X3 I’d love to see you come up with a challange like that.

Dat Person Doe. says:

Fun fact, cheapo is a watch brand.

Joseph Caesar Padrón says:

You are missing a function on some of those watches I think. There should be a Radial Calculator or Radial Scale on the face of the full chronograph watches.

The GamingSideburns says:

Joerg and Skallagrim are the two people I’d send something to for destruction. Mainly because Skall will just hit it with other things and Joerg will probably build something just for the purpose of breaking it.

andrew killian says:

I was that they have pens and things on the site you should make an automatic pen launcher to rings back memories of the old pencil launcher​

Jason Wilborn says:

Joerg when are you going to make your heated safety t-shirts available to the rest of us? Lol

Rob Lucas says:

You NEED a watch to break away from the band. If it gets snagged the band breaks and your hand stays attached to your arm.

V V says:

Danke, dass du diesen chinaschrott zerstörst! Diese Teile kann man doch nicht Uhren nennen.

Kevin Deynzer says:

Hi Joerg! Recently started watching you and love what you do. Interestingly my mom grew up in odenwald (sorry if my spelling is bad, I am American)
I got a sword a few months ago but it doesn’t have a proper handle. I thought I could easily do it on my own but when I went to make one it was much harder than I expected. If you could give me any tips or advice it would be greatly appreciated! Much love to you

Joe Carraba says:

Anyone else remember when Joerg was at 250k subs?

Random Experiments International says:

This is an advert I can enjoy watching 😀

Abdullah Sa'adeh says:

I most certainly will consider buying one. Cheap and durable great

John Baca says:

Those watches are all to thick to wear, and I would beat them to near death with my usual clumsy maneuvering through life.

Cards ? says:

I love the way he has only got a shirt and a non done up coat on this is a real man

electro1622 says:

Not a very believable/honest test… when you say “zero damage” the minute hand flops down..obviously damaged but you proclaim that it’s ok…. as TAOFLEDERMAUS noticed as well.

Performance 3DP says:

Do that same test with some expensive watches and see how well they do!

Daniel Schellein says:

Never seen him so sad when he used the Bosch.

Pat Simmons says:

Ich hatte eine Werbeeinblendung vor deinem Clip, die Monetarisierung ist zurück, denke ich.

Vincent Imhof says:

there clearly was damage done to  the watches they were scratched everywhere

Brickskid says:

I have to disagree with the thumbnail. The most brutal test was made by glados

TheDallasdeadeye says:

Its fine these are fashionable watches designed to complement what you are wearing. Never intended to be a serious time piece.

reggiep75 says:

Snoop Dogg is off to buy a 9093.

4 gauge says:

Stop supporting the Chinese,your only”cutting”your own throat by doing this.

Ken Andrews says:

Nice watches! (except for that gold monstrosity)
I’ve been needing a new one… guess I know where to go when I get paid. 🙂

Krešimir Cindrić says:

I’m a bit disappointed. I expected watches being shot out of a slingshot.

Anthony JOnes says:

low price to high price. High price being 13.53 euros.

seanthomasdowd says:

“Time” to buy a watch from gearbest

Ironcladkilljoy says:

Little did he know he was about to break the fabric of time and space

Shay Howe says:

“..certain *type* of businessman.” Love it. Topped only by “Let me show you its features.”

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