Car guys who love watches

If you like mechanical things like watches, head over to my watch channel Watch This. The link is below and please subscribe.


Rizki Pratama says:

I don’t even wear watch but I like cars.

ron s says:

love watches!

Stephen Bradley says:

Lol I used to have 16 watches but my Ex scaled me back to 7…… was just looking at a Sieko today.

Jathusan Ravichandran says:


NLOTT95 says:

YES! Subbing right now!

Show Me What I Need To Know says:

I love lamp.

You should do a channel on lamps.

ozzycarnut says:

im a watch freak too .. subscribed

Steve says:

I’m betting its because the watches remind you of speedometers

mwsaplam says:

Here’s another statistic for you (just as made-up and ridiculous as your own): a lot of people who don’t like watches also love cars.

86mikeyy says:


Chris Brown says:

Please add the link having trouble finding it. Ty

boofighter says:

I was happy when I got 250 subs on my channel. So well done on getting to 50,000 subs. I like your reviews for the Canadian viewpoints. So times they seem a bit dry or bland, but that’s ok when a person is looking at buying a car you don’t always want a lot of hype and flash. Please keep on doing what you.
That being said, a drift or squeal of a tire is fun. Lol.

D Doge says:

I’m a watch person too lol

杨boyu says:

there are so many “watch this” chanels…… which one is yours?

mistertee says:

Yes! Hopping over there now. Hoping you’ve reviewed the Tudor Black Bay!

BIG SHAQ says:

We are like the same person.

Iurii Slatynskyi says:

please make a review of focus rs

3232e's Bricks says:

Is this filmed in the new Mercedes GLE, and will the GLE be your next car review ?

Chison Belcher says:

do a aston martin DB11

George says:


Jack Cassels says:


sabhie says:

Never would have thought my love of cars and watches was because they’re both mechanical. Subbed!

mreastonmurphy says:

Zack Spencer is still one of the most watchable car reviewers out there, I’m definitely interested to see the same approach with watch videos

Anthony Plesce says:

Congratulations on 50,000, love your videos….Is the FBI director your brother(older of course)?

Family Wheels says:

Yep, I’m another car reviewer who’s a watch geek too. What’s that about?

Manav Khasria says:

BMW X5 Review?

neorick27 says:

Is this why you’re having these other guys do the car reviews now? So you have time to do watch reviews. Haha. Just kidding. I love watches so I’ll check out your channel.

MicroWaveLadz says:

Awesome Video!!

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