Build Your Own Custom Watch Using Parts From Ebay

Build Your Own Custom Watch Using Parts From Ebay.

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azcerbic says:

Brilliant videos! Dyh a link for watch repair tools you’d recommend? & outside of factory training, where can you get watch repair education? I’m a watch addict since age 18!

Vern6 says:

@watch repair channel I ordered all of my parts and tools on ebay but my movement did not come with a movement ring. Is this normal for movements not to be sold with movement rings? If this is the case, can you recommend somewhere to purchase? Thanks!!

panyc10 says:

can you suggest a website with description of ETA movements? so to know features and sizes and start from there. thanks!

Hertog von Berkshire says:

I quickly priced this up in GBP and got the following (approx, not necessarily including postage):

* movement: £39.00
* dial: £12.00
* hands: £10.00
* case: £25.00
* Total: £86.00
You may be able to do better by hunting around.

By my judgement, it’s cheap but not dirt cheap.

Genius Marc Says says:

this is amazing, i love mechanical watches, it looks really nice

Chris Maudsley says:

Hello! Great videos! I bought a seagull st36 movement that didn’t end up coming with case clamps, so I bought some case clamps only to realise that I don’t have screws for the case clamps. Do you know where I could get spare screws?

Bryan Florenda says:

Hello sir can i buy brand new case of skx007 only case sir? Thank you.

Michael Exman says:

I really love the eco drive myself

Kieran Reid says:

I just watched this and its a great explanation of what to do and how to do it. I would like to do the same but for a smaller watch. I want to make 38mm watch with a high spec ETA movement. where would I go to find the matching parts and a good selection of cases and dials?

W A says:

Could you flip the dial around on the movement and make a watch “left handed”? Like with the crown on the left side?

J OB says:

Thanks! I just built mine with a 2824 movement. $94 for everything. Cheers

Turkey Man says:

Just curious, why do you not want to touch it with your hands?

Fmentz Editz says:

Do I need to buy the screws & clamps also or are they included?

Monkeytz says:

Great video and a nice looking watch. Can we please have the link to the strap also ? Tnak you.

Jin Raigami says:

Damn. This guy could open his own shop.

Владимир Баринов says:

what blue oil you give in remontuar

Sauna Boy says:

Does anyone know of a smaller movement with lots of options for dial & case ? 38-41mm

Hertog von Berkshire says:

Thanks you, great video. I’d like to have a go at this some time, though TBH, it should have been 30 years ago when my eyesight was still keen.

Redwolfrain says:

If your building a watch using parts that were designed for the movement, are you really building the watch? Or just reassembling it.

neil piper says:

I love my Seagull watches. All very accurate and well put together.

Yasyas Marangoz says:

I am so sad, why is it so expensive nearly 80€!!!

it4ubd says:

how to remove water damage rusty screw from watch?

Watch Repair Channel says:

Build Your Own Custom Watch Using Parts From Ebay

Timpas Tofflor says:

Bruh he looks like dr octopus

Bill Schlener says:

He never said how much it cost to buy the parts, Yes you can build a watch that’s great, but was it worth it.

Dante Politylo says:

Hey Mark, I was just wondering where you got that watch strap from i’ve had a look for the one’s with the external push back pins and can’t find them anywhere. Thanks

Zain Mughal says:

Brilliant work … Great looking watch

kumbackquatsta says:

please do an ebay build for a diver style watch

Luis Jaime says:

is not easier to wear gloves?

39satcom says:

Is the crown threaded onto the stem after trimming to length?

Kleytons says:

Very good , brasil ok.

Karim Morgan says:

Great video as usual Marc and it had definitely inspired me to build a watch. I was trying to source a seagull TY2542 movement and couldn’t find it anywhere. Any idea where I can get one? Or maybe an alternative movement with a power reserve meter.

Henry Pinilis says:

How do you know if the watch subdial is on the side at 9 or bottom at 6?

Angel KYT says:

The video is so cool!
I’m a final year student from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. My team and I are now tasked to start a content site for one of our photojournalism course. We started it on Instagram and named it as , which would mainly produce content about “how things are made”, ranging from local items to food. Your video shows a interesting and detailed making process of a watch! We would be very grateful if we may get your permission to use your video in one of our videos, and you will be credited for sure!
Thank you in advance and we look forward to your reply below!:)

Angel Kwan

Mare says:

Can the dial be off by 0,15 mm? Or is it not possible?

Bloo Latte says:

boss skills you da man !! That thing looks beautiful

Jeff Becker says:

PARNIS ? Is that the Chinese misspelling of Paris?

manzur meni says:

and yet bulding your own watch is branded on a very popular cheap name on the dial “parnis” its quite harms the entire purpose of such a project, but if you can DIY a watch dial , now thers something you can wear proudly.. what do you think?

Sameh H.B. Alexandria says:

That was really professional presentation. The end result is a bueatifil watch and i woulc be proud of wearing on my wrist!
Thank you for the video.

Bart Atwood-Ebi says:

I so enjoyed this. I’m a radio enthusiast who’s built some of his own sets over the years, but I’ve always been fascinated by watches, especially mechanical ones. I subbed and rang the bell about 2 minutes into your video. Watching you patiently building your watch was relaxing, actually. I think I’ve found another hobby…

Richie P says:

The serial number of the case is 0123456. That was a lucky find.

Jaakov Tobman says:

So I’m currently doing this my self and I seem to have a problem to turn the eccentrics in order to hold the dial. I’m not sure whether the screws are stuck or whether there is another problem. Does anyone have any tips on what I can do?

Yasyas Marangoz says:

is it possible without a dial?

Sophisticated One says:

a lot of work on a cheap watch !

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