BIG News ! – Channel Announcement – Federico Talks Watches

BIG News ! – Channel Announcement – Federico Talks Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I give a little channel announcement and discuss the future of the channel and Delray Watch Supply.

Thanks for all the support!


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Enrique Esparza says:

Best channel

Opulence Luxury says:

A stack of LV hardcases in the background would be nice and would look legit.

SLF1SH says:

Don’t sweat the content, we don’t expect you to be a one-man Comcast. Take care of business and we’ll catch you in the next one. Take care.

Dan H says:

Congrats and best of luck!!

mk5721 says:

New painting – Salvador Dali – Persistence of Memory – melting clock??????

Marek N says:

Congrats man! Best of luck!

Polar Roller says:

Great newsa Fed! Enjoy your new office!

Richard Ely II says:

Congrats! I have to admit that the Chagall was not my favorite painting, but better than the clutter of the TGV den. Best wishes.

Rob Ketcham says:

Congrats on the new office

Ryan Travis says:

Awesome man! Love to see hard work pay off! Keep going man, you’ll be putting Wempe out of business in a decade.

Ben Andersen says:

Keep on the up and up, love everything you do and the content.
But please for the love of all things holy hire an interior decorator lol

rich m says:

Congrats Fed! No problem with the white walls, just don’t talk Squale while playing classical music in the background and we are good!

sreejith kolore says:

I loved the painting in the background!!!! You need to bring it back!

TwentyOne Five says:

You have some good stock Fed, eg., that IWC Novecento. Very cool piece.

Lawrence Rogers says:

I enjoy your channel and have missed the regular videos. Congrats on your success and looking forward to your future videos when you have settled in. Take care.

David Doyle says:

To be honest Fred I did not notice the slowing of your content. I enjoy what you release and I look forward to each of your videos.

Aaron H says:

Congrats Sir! Wish you much success in your new office!

W Pringle says:

Good stuff and congrats! Go Go DelRay!

Georgi Gospodinov says:

That’s great news, Federico! A well-run business needs its dedicated space, and you are doing a fantastic job! Best wishes for continued success.

Fayssal Kaddoura says:

Congrats man! Well deserved. Wishing you continued growth and success!

Silenzio 81 says:

Why do the watches come in little bags

Barry McKaulkiner says:

Put a fish tank in the wall, and fill it full of fish. And dive watches.

Ro says:

Don’t stop believing in your dream

philledwards77 says:

Awesome stuff Federico! You’re a legend man and love your stuff. By the way man the painting was okay. Added a splash of colour to the wall.

Cas Hau says:

Fed if you allow me a suggestion, I would like to see a series staging your good friend watchmaker (the german guy, sorry I can’t remember his name) he was great very knowledgeable and witty and very intetesting to listen to….thanks and keep up the good work…best

Eric Nielsen says:

Yes!! Cool deal all around and dude: that Big Mic is the way to go, sound quality is great. Rock on!

Ivan Hristov says:

Congrats. Keep growing the business. Next year a whole floor then a building.

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