Beware Of Watch Auctions + Graduation Watches 2017 – Tim and Niko

Beware Of Watch Auctions – Graduation Watches 2017 – Tim and Niko

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Andrew Steel says:

stay up late working on that tanks comment? lol funny

Ryan Moy says:

I sold my ’72 Autavia a few weeks after that $125k auction, and I definitely experienced a correlated bump. Plain old 1163V that I bought for $2,500 6 months prior sold for $4,500

Ryan Manak says:

When the RMs are worth 1000 dollars I’ll buy 10

effspot says:

I could watch and listen to you guys talk about watches all day. Fantastic channel.

Tony Hill says:

As long as there is investment (a watch would be the last thing I would “invest” in) there will be bubbles. Some of the speculators in all alternative investments are extremely wealthy people gambling a tiny amount of their portfolios and they will never be forced sellers. The safest way to get rich is slowly, as USA’s Warren Buffet and many others have said. Good warning to the not so average Joe (with net worth up to 7 figures) to steer well clear. Tim, you look so much more the erudite man you are without a pair of sunglasses on top of your head. 🙂

Luke C says:

Couldn’t agree more. The RM are like the Fanck mullers of the early 2000s. prices have crashed and look so dated already

Ferdi Fresen says:

As always, very good show 🙂
(As auctions go, i understood the hint at hodinkee).
And i always asked myself how these watches can get so expensive, even if they are mass-produced like a rolex.
I heard somewhat of 5 – 7 % of the retail price are the costs to produce the watch ( for example rolex, omega or tag ).
At least the owner of chrono24 said that in an interview.
Greetings from Munich, Germany

BadLuck says:

do you think Nomos, specifically the Nomos club neomatik warrants a glass back?

Steven UK1 says:

Very accurate take on the ridiculous auction prices that are making a mockery of the watch industry.

thadeouszeus says:

BTW Vintage Breitling 806 twinjet is a great buy. Serviceable movement, size is sensible, not super shiny, classic design that is uniquely Breitling.

ARM 1975 says:

Brill ! enjoyed tonights video

David Koba says:

I didn’t find the display caseback comment offensive at all. Everything that was said was true.

ToxicWastoid says:

Was Tim censored at 17 mins?

dblbassted says:

it’s rare that the snobbery rears its ugly head on WUW, but it sure did today.

Daniel Katz says:

Ok TIM , i hear you

jrgainey says:

A little late for a graduation watch discussion. Lots of college graduations have already taken place. At my school they were two weeks ago. Just something to consider for next year.

Erik Haw says:

Honestly, I don’t know what I am looking at since I just started this watch stuff. LOL! But even if it is cheap or nothing special, the mechanical aspect of a watch still fascinates me. I mean, I find it amazing that someone could engineer such a thing with springs and gears!

Roelf van der Merwe says:

The Breitling tank analogy was legendary. I’m stealing it!

Galen Baby says:

Tim, your rants are fantastic. If I was to give you a psychological evaluation, I’d say your verbal comprehension is off the charts. Please, keep talking. Do a daily podcast. I’d listen!

Watch Looker Watch says:

Awesome. I had the Omega Speedmaster in my mind right before you suggested for a graduate. Great choice!

Yanran Wang says:

I don’t understand the price of RM and I don’t like the rich bitch lifestyle it represents.

valebliz says:

Thanks Hodinkee, biggest inflators of this bubble right now, speaking press.

Daniel Katz says:

Thank you Nico, i hated that RM since i first saw it

Daniel Katz says:

Tim, You are the best , but leg me look at he caseback on 6r15 Seiko if i want to……… I’m not going to afford an elite hand worked movement in this lifetime , maybe………..well , perhaps the Israeli Italy Noy’s reworked 6497

Nasri Ozel Photography says:

Can’t you guys get the volume up in any way in your videos? All my settings are at 100% but still have a low sound coming from your vids…

Roger Paris says:

Great show, as usual.

edu danel says:

Hello Tim, honestly you are the greatest connoiseur I have ever seen, and your opinion means a lot to me. What do you think about the Breitling Blackbird A13353 that just came in to WatchUWant? It is a very good looking watch to me but I donk know if it is a smart buy. Thanks for your neat and interesting videos!

lawrence waite says:

Thanks Fed here in the UK I can get a brand new pre in house version for £2000 pounds so will take your advice thanks again, love the show.

BKT Thornton says:

Tim is a machine !!! Very impressive stuff

Ryan Manak says:

I don’t understand the RM Mclaren watch. Who’s saying “ooo I want a light piece of plastic held onto my wrist by some Velcro”

Garry Perkins says:

If you are searching for a job after graduation, you did it wrong. You want to lock that offer down on campus, with companies recruiting there. The difference in responsibility and compensation between a job scored on campus and a random job sourced by oneself is massive.

Daniel Katz says:

Good god your working late

ToxicWastoid says:

“…and the value tanks.” RESPECT.

Philip A Winged says:

Tim’s glasses not on his head? That’s it, I’m unsubscribing.

Joke aside, f-ing awesome show as always love seeing your videos appear in my subscription feed!

Daniel Katz says:

Thx frr the feedback on RM

Joseph C. Cheng says:

Fun video. Tim is absolutely on fire. And I’m inferring the forecasted market crash means that I should have a shopping list and free cash at the ready.

BatakAviation says:

so the jlc 899 compared to rolex movements and omega movements has more hand finishing ey ? and is the 899 a durable movement

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