Alex watches Wii Honk Channel

Wish I had a more exciting reaction for you all, but this is all he does when I show him!

Check out the hilarious video here:


*** Why does Alex honk? ***
When I got Alex as a baby, he would bob his head and squeak. I would bob my head and squeak back at him and say “hello Alex!” Eventually, he started to mimic me mimicking him, and over time it just got more and more exaggerated until it became the honk you see today.

*** What is he saying before the honk? ***
Technically, he’s saying “hello Alex.” But it’s also a bit of “hello Dommi” for his son Dominic, and a bunch of other names of other birds I’ve owned. Because Alex has spent most of his life with lots of other birds, they would tend to teach each other to talk rather than listen to me, so he’s never been very good at speaking clearly.

*** Is Alex Lonely? ***
I often get comments from people who feel sorry for Alex because they think he only has plush toys for company. He actually lives with another real bird, Dominic, who is also his son! I used to have a whole aviary of cockatiels but had to say goodbye to most of them when I moved into an apartment. Dominic had been living with a friend for a while but came back to keep his dad company when Alex’s mate, Tina, sadly passed away in 2016.

*** Thinking of getting your own cockatiel? ***
I know Alex is cute and we all love to see him honk, but keep in mind that parrots are a big responsibility and require special care. Alex himself is almost 20 years old. That’s a lot of time, money, noise and poop! It’s important to do your research and think very carefully about whether a pet bird is right for you, and whether it’s right for the bird!


Luh Moraiza says:

Yaaaay! Thanks for posting this <3

Missy Owl says:

This made my day

daphnelu7 says:

Hehe that was cute. Alex seemed quite focused! And probably likes it too. I’m sure I did.

DJ Alejandro Ortega Aguero says:

I love you

Dixie says:


viciousXbite says:

I love you Alex

R. Burchardt says:

Contemplating a whole ‘nother set of honk greatness in diabolical bird brain.

bish im not a weeb ok gtfo says:

Alex is silently pleased. What a masterpiece

bigjay32100 says:

This is a new breed of honking. honking that Alex has never produce before……I’m at awe at this masterpiece …..

M R Koenig says:

What a cute cockatiel.

caveman Versace says:

I truly want to believe that they are smart enough to recognize themselves.

Super Sonic Chao says:

Wonder how he’s reaction would be while watching Ari

xXThe Kawaii Cute Nekø Girl! Lewd Rper!Xx says:

he’s speechless

Hannah Baker says:

he’s *M E S M E R I Z E D*

Azinu Ti'Lu says:

Alex like wtf did I just watch?

Butters The Bean says:

“What is this sorcery?”

Britt says:

This pleases me. Thank you.❤️

Emma Gordon says:


Cristian Martinez says:

Alex is like “Why are you making me watch this?”

Tanjeem Samir Khan says:

What has this honking world come to?

CoffeeFruit says:

Question: How can you tell Alex and Dominic apart?

Rita Sparkle-Chan says:

Alex is too cute

Galaxy Girl says:

Wii Honk Channel is legitimately my most watched video.

ilikeceral3 says:

He’s just like “ok”

Aito Sinclaire says:

Can I eat that bird??

Paper Bag Man says:

The bird is like “Hecking human, why did you put me on the internet?”

spenpinner says:

lol, alex fluffs up every time dominic comes around. Jealous, much?

Bet My Name Spooked You says:

He’s disappointed.

DisasterFalls says:

Yeah my cockatiel didn’t give a crap either when i showed it to him.

timmy 900 says:


Louis Sebastiane says:

hahahahaha omg !

Daniel Dorian says:

A video is worth a thousand honks, Alex just needs time to take it all in.

Cameron Moreno says:

Alex the honking Birbithine is epic

Sophia Marie says:

0:26 he gets scared xD

DaNk MEmeS says:


Probe 17 says:

“Is that really what I sound like? I always thought I had more of a Lou Reed quality to my honks!”

Autistic Foamer says:

Alex is analyzing this. He is going to randomly start honking the Mii channel theme

Absoura Plays says:

Alex how was it?

Fasty Dubs says:


Jose M. Figueroa Jr. says:

Alex is, was, and always will be one honking cute cockatiel. He’s also honking silly.

M. T. says:

what a wonderful world…?

Toxicthewolf9 Videos says:

Alex is like: omg its me

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