A Week In Watches: Patek Philippe Vs. Vacheron: Roger Dubuis & Lamborghini: Swiss Watch Exports

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Tonight, Tim Mosso and Josh Thanos discuss the week’s luxury watch news. We open with a this-or-that involving a shootout between the Vacheron Constantin Overseas World Time and the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time 5164A. We analyze the late breaking partnership between Lamborghini and Roger Dubuis. Past associations between Bremont and Jaguar, Panerai and Ferrari, and Blancpain’s own eight-year collaboration with the Italian supercar manufacturer come in for examination and opinion. We have several new watches to discuss including Chopard’s new LUC XPS in platinum, the IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Safari with reference 5002 styling cues, and the MB&F Octopod clock. Finally we discuss Swiss watch export statistics for the month of August. As a bonus feature, we pit the Jaeger-LeCoutlre Atmos 568 by Marc Newson against the new MB&F Octopod.

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Mike K says:

Hi Tim: FP Journe is my favorite brand. When you meet Mr. Journe, would you be interested in asking Mr Journe the following question? If he had to buy another brand’s watch (both luxury and affordable), which brands would it be? Safe Travels, Mike

Scott Bot says:

Isnt Zoe the lead watch buyer?

ripperx444 says:

Can someone please tell me why the Blancpain fifty Fathoms loses SO much money second hand and better yet are they going out of business do to poor sales? I think the 1315 is a great movement but the brand is not even talked about and always passed over.

Suguru Nishioka says:

I missed the live streaming, and I hope Tim can give some insights: I have 36mm Memovox from late 1990s – early 2000s. (144.8.94.s) This was from the transition phase where JLC was switching from Tritium to Luminova. The dial has “Swiss Made” with Ts, but the lumes are creamy tone, and the behavior of luminescence matches of Tritium. For the sake of argument, the watch has never been serviced by JLC and the dial and hands are original to the watch. I’ve seen the same ref with 1) T Swiss Made T with creamy tone, 2) Swiss Made with creamy tone, 3) Swiss Made with white Luminova tone. This reference was produced for a short period, and I’m having hard time finding much of info about the dial variants. Do you know if JLC made some watches with Non-T dial but with Tritium during the transition phase? A quirk for this particular reference? Does that make sense? I don’t think the whole faux patina practice wasn’t the thing back then. Thanks very much in advance for sharing your knowledge.

HachiZenki says:

A watch that is too big, bulky, and aggressive…said by a Panerai collector?

Eric Cecil says:

You’ve got to love Tim for keeping our watch knowledge AND vocabulary sharp. I’ll save you the search… syb·a·rit·ic adjective: fond of sensuous luxury or pleasure; self-indulgent.
“their opulent and sybaritic lifestyle”

Dan Flanagan says:

The Octopod is ridiculous. Where would you put it? The JLC can go on your mantel, dresser or bookshelf and look fantastic and the movement is mind blowing.

ryvr madduck says:

Bremont money grubbers, my opinion.

CIAGHA says:

Both the Atmos and any MB& F horological machine are to me my grails

enrico bertolini says:

Tim, where is your “State of the Collection” video?

Yanran Wang says:

A small fun fact of why so many Chinese love gold watches. Many brands try to associate their gold watches with good meanings. For instance, gold Rolex in China are often called “Jin Lao”, which literally means gold Rolex but it could also be extended to “earn gold” in Chinese. Many business people would buy gold Rolex only for this reason alone.

Scott Bot says:

Good show.
I’d love to see a show on Railroad watches. There’s an interesting history there. Especially for us in North America.

slashd0t says:

Yeah, Josh wants to buy your watch for less than half of market value lol …

minibus1351 says:

I’m debating on whether I should get the JLC Reverso Tribute Moon or the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Duoface Bleu.

Amintas Neto says:

Great show folks!
Pilots watches is another good theme for in-depth discussions in future editions.
Tim, what’s your take on IWC Big Pilot’s Father?
Do you see it as collectable as other IW5009s?


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