5 Unpopular Watches From Popular Watch Brands – Federico Talks Watches

5 Unpopular Watches From Popular Watch Brands – Federico Talks Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about 5 watches from popular watch brands that don’t get enough lough. Watches like the Tudor Advisor, Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars and Panerai Radiomir amongst other. Watches that offer great value in the market and that have great personality. Watches that would be great buys! Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below.

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binkymagnus says:

Rolex Milgauss. Everyone loves it but it’s “too quirky” to actually buy and wear.

Mrs. Paneristi says:

Rolex Cellini, Omega globemaster, and the Zenith Pilot type 20

William Vinge says:

rolex cellini

armando cardenas says:

How about the Seiko SHC015 …. ?

Hector Morena says:

The Tudor Advisor is not popular because it looks awful on the wrist (big bland dial, poor reading, funky crowns, etc.) contrary to the rest of the Tudor family. The vintage ones are much nicer.

lanzonova says:

Hey Fed. You look a lot better than a few days ago man .

Pedro Saenz says:

AP used to be a leader in ultra thin watches in the 70s. Wonderful pieces made with art and taste. Today those new big potatoes are cero taste and art!!

Larry Espana says:

Fed from Tudor, I would say the Northflag. Every always says is a nice watch but nobody buys them. Somehow I feel they will be collectible one day for that sole reason!

Fun with Turtles says:

Girard Perregaux Traveller II GMT – but GP is underrated so…

Gerold At Large says:

Yep . I thought it was Cellini time. But then again, every dog has his day.

cfunk10 says:


Pedro Saenz says:

I hardly hear from Piaget and Altiplano is a dream dress watch. White gold (as there is no stainless steel available) with black croc band….full taste.

Roman Jeremy says:

the Tudor ranger is nicer in the flesh than in pictures

the_real_ balotellitubbie says:

Hi, I have around £1100-1300 to spend but I want to get first hand, what watch would u recommend, I want a big name watch, like tag heuer, longinges, nomos, junghans, etc , pls reply. Any help would be appreciated :))

Frantisek Kurcik says:

Nice review. Why AP puts such a huge price tag on a dress watch line that doesn’t sell? When one looks at the Swiss watch industry, it almost appears like its operation is governed by another set of laws than those of a free market economy.

stathisko1 says:

Omega Aqua terra are unpopular but they are gorgeous

Philip Lee says:

Cellini. Nobody seems to care for them but I think they’re beautiful.

Nick Way says:

JLC Geophysic True Second! Many watch people harp on it for the jumping seconds, but it’s a brilliant watch.

Very elegant and finely detailed dial, indices, hands, etc…. and a top notch movement from the brand highly respected by all for their movements (Patek, Vachercon, and AP all being clients).

Antonio de filippo says:

So nice to meet you in Hollywood FL !

mohammad amin says:

Jules Audemars are Beautiful and one of the Most Great Formal watches and a Haute Horology .

Sebastian Matters says:

Always loved the Radiomir more than the Luminor

Steven UK1 says:

If a watch does not sell, its because of 1 or 2 things, either it is too expensive or bad design, or both!

Michael Breder says:

I think the Rolex Cellini is an unpopular watch from a great brand.

olivier aubin says:

The Todor north flag could be on that list.

Emad B. says:

Cellini of course…

rumporridge1 says:

Great video Fed. Always showing us value when it’s right in front of our face. The Tudor Advisor is spot on. I love it.

NeoAndersonn says:

anything with a compound name sucks. that’s my list.

Ruvim stoyan says:

Come on Fed, you cant be forced to buy a PAM! You buy it cuz you love it. The Luminor is just a more beefed up version of the Radiomir

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