5 New Watch Releases That FLOPPED ! – Federico Talks Watches

5 New Watch Releases That FLOPPED ! – Federico Talks Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about 5 relatively new watch releases that flopped. Watches that did not meet sales exceptions. Watches like the Omega Globemaster, Rolex Air King and IWC Aquatimer. Watches that really performed poorly compared to sales expectations.

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alter3go says:

People also used to hate the 6263 daytona, now some of those models go on sale at Richard Mille prices. Do you think the Air King can be a similar story?

iloper says:

That iwc looks a fake… Thats how bad it looks

Marcus Layug says:

New camera ?

S A says:

I think you need to put a battery in your Rolex wall clock LOL

Edward Black says:

Nice vid Fed…. So do is that omega available at a “discounted” price?

ThePhiltastic says:

I like the globemaster but the bezel kills it. Looks like a wannabe datejust

BiscuitMcgriddleson says:

Why does the dial look black on your Rolex Submariner?

Jeff bis says:

Too much light in your room. It is too bright. Please adjust.

igotnoideawhattoput says:

The Globemaster failed because 1. no-one besides serious watch geeks recognise the value of homage to the pie pan and c-case constellations, 2. the steel models don’t offer anything more than the aqua terra and is not gold like the Tresor.

The new AirKing failed because there is no real reason to buy it over the Milgauss.

T C Lim says:

Doggone it! After watching this video, I changed my mind, I will get the Milgauss Z blue instead!

david konsto says:

I really like the Air King.

steven uk1 says:

Richemont & LVMH (bankers buying up watch brands) are just wrecking the brands they bought, oversising everything, ruining classic designs and LVMH cross-breeding really does not work. The minute these bankers buy up a watch brand, it is all over.

jdavis234 says:

Air king should be phased out. Total disaster.

Salvatore Giusto says:

The new Air King is one of the ugliest watches I’ve ever seen. He who designed that mess of a (pseudo)dial should be fired (or sent to Hublot).

srdjan marosan says:

Please more episodes with Hans! and talking watches, problems with watches and keeping watches going! Cheers

Daniel Varadi says:

I was sure you we’re going to include the Panerai Luminor Due…

Yun Feng Zhu says:

Unlucky IWC? I don’t think so. The one you mentioned in the video is really really ugly.

Mohnnad Mercedes says:

Please note that globemaster blue dial with 39mm selling well but the annual calendar version yes you can tell it’s a massive flop

Kostas Papadakis says:

I think the air king is doing well. I have noticed stock is moving from ad. Probably the Milgauss is the watch with slow sales as they always available new even for discontinued models

Mike Hayes says:

New yellow gold day date is 34,850…

Watch Collecting Strategy says:

The Globemaster is a phenomenal watch & if this was a different time it would have been an amazing release. However, we live in a time where sports watches are hot and dress watches are not. But who knows… the Daytona was a flop once upon a time.

Tom Khong says:

Ah the air king.. should have known. The design is messy, it looks like an explorer 1 with some fancy dressings on its dial. Not pretty

Frank H. says:

The (normal) Globemaster is 39 mm. Here in Zürich, the whole airport is paved with Globemaster ads. I like the design and the movement, but the lugs and the bracelet are everything else than perfect imho. And they should have another bezel in the lineup.

Erik De Wilde says:

Great video!

Zuker Gill says:

I tried on a 39mm Globemaster on a strap in an Omega boutique and loved it. I’ll have one someday. Wasn’t too fond of it on the bracelet though.

Michael Andersen says:

Funny, AirKing is one of the few Rolex watches, I would consider getting.

Kevork Nourian says:

My favourite is GP and the rest have a good market in The Middle East I worked 12 years in Piaget store people loved it

MMX2 says:

This air king or Oyster Perpetual 39mm rhodium ?

EyeOnTime says:

They are all ugly that’s why they flopped. lol

TheSkatereel says:

That IWC looks like those cheap Tissot watches. Yuck.

Dr. Raymond says:

The GP, not a first tier brand, makes a homage watch trying to catch the Nautilus/Royal Oak audience, but screams to watch enthusiasts I can not afford the real thing.

Michael Chadder says:

Thought for sure you’d mention the Navitimer 8 line. Even though i LOVE the 43 B01, it’s pretty widely accepted that the line was a flop. No?

Elliot Goldman says:

Maybe they didn’t do well because there is nothing special with any of them. Its the same old stuff with minor changes for MO Money!

TinBin - Craig says:

shame some of them was very nice watches

emonty999 says:

Omega Globemaster…I don’t care if commercially not a success, I wear it because I like it. BTW, it’s 39 mm (facts Federico), perfect size!

flips graf says:

I think youre wall-sub needs a new battery…

Knobexploit music electronics says:

The Rolex submariner clock in the background does not run….

Jean Ferret says:

The Railmaster looks fantastic. The GP is very classy and the shape is great. The IWC and Rolex are minging. Piaget is a bit big but not an unattractive piece.

lcater9555 says:

I love the nee aquatimer

mike c says:

Good video!

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