2 Year Channel Anniversary – Best Used Luxury Watches Under $2000 – Urban Gentry SKX +Free Giveaway

Today I take a break from normal programming and spend the day at my best friend Ernie’s house to celebrate and reflect on the channel turning 2 years old. In a very informal vlog I discuss some very special announcements, the latest developments of the “Urban Gentry” watch, plans for the channel and as a gesture of thanks I put up a free gift for all the viewers. In the following link you will find a copy of “730 Days”, a free mixtape soundtrack of music from over the 2 years the channel has been online, enjoy!
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Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

They are just gonna redo the SKX, that’s what the people want.


Congratulations TGV on your Two year anniversary!!! I have watched your channel for its great content and well executed production. This has elevated your channel way above everyone else. ” Better than all the rest!!!”

joshua liao says:

congratz tgv!onwards and cheers! You got me into watches and stay strong!

R Zimmerman says:

TGV, how about some suggestions for women’s watches. With mothers day coming and graduations around the corner I could use some suggestions for a nice gift . Keep up the great work! Cheers

Fred T says:

Congratulations, well done, and here’s to even more years to come! I can’t believe you’ve grown so much…. it makes me proud to witness you reach these heights.

You must add Philadelphia to your list of watch cities! Near Philly is home of RGM, former home of Hamilton, and the National Watch and Clock Museum, one of the largest watch and clock institutions in America. Come on down I-95 and while you’re here… stop by my restaurant and say hello buddy.

esiu74 says:

Congratulations on the anniversary! I can’t remember how I discovered your channel but it has always been fantastic. Looking forward to more of your excellent videos.

555 Gear says:

Grats on two years! Wishing you many more years of continued success. Cheers, Andrew

rcc883 says:

Congrats on 2 years anniversary! If you like a dark racing green leather strap, check out bandrbands! They have a green horween strap that looks rather good! Congrats again TGV!

Robert Reynolds says:

Email file expired could you resend?
Thanks in advance….

Marketh Coleman says:

I have enjoyed the channel greatly and i have learned a great deal; thank you sir.

Mike W says:

Many congratulations TGV, always great watch reviews and commentary, always delivered in a way that is fair and although we all have our own watch preferences, I still enjoy watching when a review to learn about s brand or specific watch that I wasn’t too keen on. Here’s to many more years to come!! Mike

Soldat 76 says:

Lean and mean huh TGV? hehe

Brian Wristwatchfan says:

Happy anniversary! LOVE Ernest! (We are big dog lovers here.) Here’s to many more years of UGC!!!!

Snake Roberts says:

Congrats on reaching 2 years matey! I’ve been here since the beginning…and will be till the end! lol.

You can trust TGV to keep it classy! Cheers.

Karl Krogmann says:

I’m in if we’re talking books; history, biography, poetry, fiction. I’m in.

Chandiwira Beza says:

Anyone who says Oris Aquis isn’t an entry level luxury watch just hasn’t handled or owned one .

Zsmart says:

Congratulations! I’m excited for what the future holds for this channel.

John Helwig says:

Big milestone and remarkable achievement. Well earned TGV.

SirNerrad says:

LOL “the train not me”

Firas says:

Congratulations Tristano, and thank you veryt much for the music file. You are a true gent. This is Firas from Newcastle. I just bought a Seiko SRP549K1 AUTO LUMIBRITE 100M sport and it really special.

Bryan Peeler says:

So happy to see your pup! Glad for him, glad for you anniversary ! Thanks!!

Holum Fong says:

do vlog with your wife and dog! it would be cute!

Dennis Jørgensen says:

Congratulations from Denmark, Tristano! Here’s to another two years.

Fridolin Meisenkaiser says:

Hi TGV, as a big fan (last minute, obviously) I really enjoy watching your videos very much – thanks a lot for nice moments of happiness. I am a big fan of Seiko as well (SKX, Vintage Chronographs 6138). Since I like the music you play during the intros I’d really appreciate if you could upload the album again. Thank you very much, keep going and kindest regards from continental europe. G.

Stephen H. says:

Congratulations! Great reviews, great watches, great channel and a great character!

alcaponed16 says:

Pay me in watches and I’ll help you with anything!!

myusernamealex says:

Thank you TGV! could you please re-publish the Mixtape? Thank you!

Lofty says:

Haha, I used to give my dog my socks to chew on all the time. She prefered the sweaty ones though.

MisterDapper says:

Felicidades TGV! On to another 2 years of quality content!
Best regards,

Mahesh Bhosale (MensClothing) says:

Hi Can you pls do a comparison between T0444302104100 and SARB033.

Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

I’ve watched this channel long enough to have an idea of what kind of watch you would build. I know your favorite style is a dive watch. Hope the urban gentry watch looks like a rolex sub


2 Years!! Great Stuff!! Thought I knew what watches I wanted, then I learned from this Channel!! Oh how my list has changed!! Congratulations TGV!! All the Best! BMJ ENGLAND!

stranno strannovasrr says:

Contrast TGV. What did you say to your dog, braaf? That’s what’s I say to my dog if she behaves nicely (it’s Dutch). But I guess your brav is derived from the Italian bravissimo. keep on doing the good work. I like your vids very much.

Tim Vrklan says:

Congrats. Always Informative & Enjoyable!

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