12 INSANE and Most Expensive WATCHES OF ALL TIME

A small Planetarium on your wrist, enchanting birds, and a watch working on the energy of magnetic fields, this is an amazing release that will be appreciated by connoisseurs of high watchmaking art and just fans of cool intricate mechanisms performing one simple act of telling time.


Bryan Case says:

WERE. Ever feel like people are trying to tell you something?

ashish DIXIT says:

Wow , Dream watch’s

Michael Bauers says:

I think I could convince myself to spend $500 on a watch max. Say .5% of my manual income. A 25,000 Rolex would require I made over 3 million a year, if the percentages stayed the same. Of course once you make beyond a certain income, if you live in a reasonable accomodation and lifestyle, your disposable income becomes pretty immense. I can understand how watch loving people would spend many percent of their annual income for the watch of their dreams. So if a watch loving doctor who made 200k a year, with no family, and no major financial burdens wanted to buy a $25,000 watch, I could see how that would work out. But some watches seem like the domain of the hundred millionaires.

Barry Hazlehurst says:

I would feel like a scumbag, arrogant, POS , wearing something so expensive on my wrist, when 100s of lives could be saved for the same price. They are very beautiful however, I believe pieces like these should be given to people that do something heroic or of a benefit to all of mankind.

anducc says:

That Ferrari one looks so bad

blaze music says:

grate title lmfao

Mathias Siemer says:

you have a type-o in your title, I think you meant ‘were made’ and not ‘was made’.

Generation Snowflake says:

Its gorgeous, and a sample of human capacity, most people wont have it, but I say its a human pride to have this beauty machines. Then again, we also have poverty and selling things at this prices is well… vulgarity. So its an actual debate I think.

Otto By Ograffey says:

Yeah, fix your title, ya fucking morons.

ONE 403 says:

billion dollar watch and still can’t tell time

Evanc Cast says:

@ evanc-cast

eman aamir says:

I want them all for one dollar

sawdust 69 says:

what no INVICTA’S

William Fillion says:

Haha MAD LAB, did you listen to Matt Farah on the JRE?

A1MYT MCOC says:

Please learn how to say tourbillon!!!

JasskordyDaily says:

Ehh I my dad is a million air but I rather save money

Ankit Panigrahi says:

Turbillion is pronounced as Tur-bee-on . It’s a French word.

Nicholas Sway says:


Tony T says:

Get a Seiko.

CarlosBudeeny says:


PewDiePayne says:

it’s pronounced TOR-BE-YON!!!!

MrPaul Gt says:

i don’t need to be cool i know sometimes poeple are why when There are a party and they don’t bring a watch/cool suit but me *Takes phone

Paul Hunt says:

all gimmicks, you would have to be stupid to buy any of these

Bryan Case says:

They was be done fo da milliners!!

GearZ25 says:

my 250 dollar seiko has 6 month power reserve, its also solar rechargable

Ritwiz Sharma says:

‘lafari’ cringy


wow love it

syed shoeb says:

This watches looks so bad even millionaires or billionaires will also not like this I think so but the solar system one looks good

Tr Marci says:

Laferrari not Lafarri

Natural American XR7 says:

Big Meech in jail forever & this dude out here making watches he clearly abandon hip hop “(Jacob the Jewler)”


I can make a better one in 50000 dollars

izzy d says:


The Show of Sherlock says:

still love my casio

NeATaNDtURdy says:


Jay Vadhan says:

my G-SHOCK is better than thos wattcchh

Frans Wijaya says:


madeline hoffman says:

chairman resolution hire living measurement topic evolve hate instead.

Daniel Bobbito says:

say TOURBILION one more time motherfucker

Benjamin Green says:

Was the script written by a robot?

Said È Mirani says:

Only problem is that those watches will make you look like you’re walking around with a expensive painting ! As their main function is not even visible on most of them, and that is telling the time ……

ivan arciniegas says:

Oh the watch of producer Micheal is there…

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