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You may think that all Cartier watches are all small, rectangular and dressed with Roman numerals, and for the most part you’d be right, but just because that’s the rule doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions. This is what happens when the famous French jeweller lets its hair down: the Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Central Chronograph.

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OneEyeMan says:

Very cool watch. I love this channel

easa1912svk says:

What has been seen can not be unseen, i just cant get over the sloppy chronograph second hand. Overall, the watch is beautiful. Next time you could review Lange’s Zeitwerk Minute Repeater.

Cooper Wardell says:

Your content is so good it deters me from even trying to produce content. Every video is so well produced, and concise, and well shot. Bravo. Keep me coming.

Kevork Nourian says:

Awesome I like review Alpina watch

Frostbite _Z28 says:

Just subscribed. I cant believe I didnt find this channel sooner, Ive been binge watching your videos for the past 4 hours with a Bulova on my wrist. Great work!!!

Waleed Rezq says:

Next watch jaeger lecoultre minute repeater .. please

Bill Cosgrave says:

I like it. It is not revolutionary, but clearly someone was at least thinking out of the box a bit.

Leon Pearce says:

that’s all you get

just the tip

Michael Healey says:

“. . . if you like this channel and want to . . . ” . . . I love this channel – every video superbly shot and packed with such great information . .

Max says:

Audemar Piguet Rose Gold Skeleton

AL McL says:

Cool watch. Great reviews & info. Thanks

Watches Sneakers says:

Really like the way they made the chronograph in the center…

Michael Chang says:

I want one!!


One of the greatest “just the tip” comments ever made. Bravo.

Nicolas Dietrich says:

Hey Watchfinder!
As a watch lover myself, i think makeing a video about the xiaomi ciga design watch would be very interesting!
Could this watch be the gateway for young people to get into mechanical wristwatches?

Miguel Toro says:

That is marvellous! Thanks for an interesting and enjoyable video.

Josh Maxwell says:

That’s all you get. Just the tip. It’s more than enough to get the job done.

Julain Junishev says:

the macro was not good idea. The finish is disastrous. Beautiful design though.

Michael Chadder says:


nurkijao says:

4:39 I see what u did there 😉

Steve Place says:


Steve Knight says:

I really need one of those! Great video again

Ahmed Attar says:

A watch which only Mr.Cartier could own..great review while Cartier is leaning towards a fashion watch!

HucaPuca says:

Every video of yours is a new grail of mine.

Mohd ALJ says:

Please review the Rolex Explorer 1 39vs36m

David Nieves Jr. says:

My new favorite Cartier.

كرار اياد says:

Your videos are great but can you add a translation to Arabic

Anil Jethwa says:

Nice watch but not at that hefty price

Francisco Rosa says:

I am more into vintage designs by Cartier, like the Santos.

Alex D says:

Nice to see cartier sports equal opportunities! (The center was painted by someone with Parkinson’s) 4:46

Pete Altares says:

Is this the Agenhor movement from the Singer chronograph, or the AgenGraphe?

SoCal Entourage says:

Love you videos! The macro shots are crazy!

WIlly Tee says:

Just the tip. sly

Lord With A Passport says:

I simply LoveLoveLove Cartier. Owning a few at this stage and now I want one of these too (have been looking at them for a while)…!!

Eagle Lawn Care says:

The Rotunde de Cartier almost strikes me as a very classy fashion watch (and from a fashion brand, no doubt this could easily be interpreted that way without knowledge of the brand’s history), but I know better! What a watch! Simply beautiful. I would own one of these in a heartbeat!

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek says:

Massive respect for Cartier for the innovative design, this might revolutionize the chronograph

Demetrios Levi says:

It’s such a simple idea but still so brilliant…you’d think others would have done it already. Amazing video, as always!

Bendik Lier says:

May I ask why they have put “IIII” on 4 o’clock instead of “IV”? Kind of annoying me hahha

obsedatr6 says:

How much does this cost ?

Nico van Dyk says:

Warning: Once seen, it cannot be unseen. The paint on the central dial (Black sunburst corner close to the seconds markers) is badly done as it bleeds over the edges as well as an unpainted corner (At 4:44 in the video)

Robinson Ang says:

I wish Cartier would rebound its position

George Yang says:

Wonder how much of this movement’s architecture and design is shared with Montblanc’s Rieussec movement that also featured a centre-Chronograph.

luke grantham says:

Just the tip

Alessandro Bottero says:

Great video as always! 🙂

Just a question: if you stop at minute 4:46 you can see that the central guilloche dial is actually painted black, and that this coverage is all but perfect (the corner is not properly covered and it’s leaking near the whole perimeter). As far as you know, is it a defect of this particular exemplar, or is it common to find such mistakes on this reference?

mt89 says:

usually I have no love to this feminine brand, but this watch is quite cool

Uther Doul says:

That’s what she said. 4:40

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