Watches of US Presidents (Rolex, Cartier, Seiko, & More)

As a lover of history and watches, I always try to combine these two elements in my videos. That said, I thought of a cool idea that I wanted to jump into and that is the watches of US presidents. For this video, I only want to feature presidents from recent history, the last 100 years, and we are going to only look at wrist watches since pocket watches is a whole different ball game.

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Edward Durkin says:

Bill Clinton wore a Timex Ironman while campaigning in 1992.

Conor Murphy says:

Swiss leaders would be interesting

Matthew Mckeown says:

British Royal Family: Prince Charles, Prince Phillip, William & Harry, Princess Margaret, etc…
Canadian Prime Ministers: Trudeau (Pierre and Justin), Mulroney, Chretien, (please not Harper though, ugh)
Filmmakers: Spielberg, Scorsese, Coppola, JJ Abrams, Nicolas Winding Refn, Wes Anderson, etc…

Keith Rose says:

Interesting .

Haslett Hyaenidae says:

Obama owns a Cellini because it’s for retired people 😉 😛

ajt222 says:

American presidents = gangsters and war criminals .

Angelica Cushing says:

Obama’s watches were interesting.

Regan Kelly says:

Would love to see Trumps watches

Alex Castignani says:

feature artist

Len Powell says:

Hi Teddy.It would seem a certain Cuban guy called Che, to his mates had several Rolex pieces.Iconic bloke with the beret and cigar and so on. So to temp you on a follow up ……..Castro also sported one or two? Villains always more interesting than the good guys?Cheers and good topic.Len.

bob Woo says:

Do you think you could do a video of where you buy your watches, or good places to buy

Fabio C.G says:

My king Felipe VI of Spain he’s into watches. Would love to see some kind of ”watch collection review’ from you! Cheers mate!

Quentin Summers says:

English Prime ministers

LOGIX says:

Obama’s Casio F-91W

Willy S. says:

Fords PULSAR was given him by the former American brand HAMILTON. It was the Hamilton -Pulsar Line. Later Hamilton sold it to Seiko and they keept the name for the Brand.

KM Cooper says:

Already a great suggested list of Major, as well as, Minor figures, might I add HRH Queen Elizabeth II – or – if strictly men Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh or Prince Charles, Prince of Wales

Tom Havinga says:

Thank you for refraining from yelling in your videos. There’s far too much yelling on Youtube.

smorris227 says:

European leader? Or world leaders

Lisa Stein says:

Bill Clinton? I remember them saying he wore a cheap watch early on.

Bill Niu says:


SuperMelonQ says:

Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohamad, the world’s oldest leader.

James Rosemond says:

Lbj was a big watch collector. He had several Patek’s

Arch Stanton says:

LBJ please.

Peter Shallis says:

Hope you mention Vulcain (bet you don’t pronounce it correctly though!)

glen45 says:

Hey, How about making a video that the watches that the soldiers wearing during the war?

Amado Sanchez says:

Mike Tyson had watches right?

Humptydoo says:

Does the Dalai Lama really own 15 Rolex?

Jay Bolton says:

Bush in a Timex ; brilliant!!
Great video as usual

elitemathlete says:

FDR wore a movado fashion watch? What a loser!

dantheman1689 says:

Love this video. Iconic movie watches? Luminox 3001 for example (Paul Walker in 1st FnF, George Clooney in Oceans 11, and Chiristian Bale in Harsh Times.)

Fernando Pessoa says:

Great video! King Harald V in Norway, our current king, has worn the same Pepsi Rolex GMT-Master almost every day since 1962. The blue and red has almost completely faded and you can see the heavy marks of wear as he has been a frequent sports sailor his whole life, participating in multiple world championships!
Photos here:

Charlie Cannistraci says:

Teddy, time and time again I am impressed by your videos. You have the highest production quality of any horological YouTuber. It is interesting seeing young people that I can relate to invested in watches, with all the talk of the younger generations being lost to smartphones and smartwatches. I hope that one day I can meet you, you seem like an extremely interesting person to sit and have a chat with! Keep making the amazing content!

Jonathan Guérin says:

Didn’t De Gaulle have a LIP? That would be a cool one to feature.

Perry Ford says:

Angela Merkel wears Boccia… and so does our daughter 🙂

David Sparling says:

Very cool idea, Teddy, as I also am a lover of history! Hopefully, Ronald Reagan will be in episode 2.

Jimmy Salgado says:

Hey Teddy, besides working in videos about presidents you could also show watches that have appeared in movies, good work btw

PowerForward says:

Brother Teddy, great vid. Any idea where General Ike’s watch is now? What about that tank style piece JFK was wearing in your video? For consideration: Dr. MLK, Jr., Warren Buffet, Brian Williams—11th Hour…usually see a diver on his wrist, and former VP—Joe Biden. Be well.

Dennis Cimmino says:

FDR’s first presidential election was in 1932.

bhargav Varma says:

Dr. APJ Abdul kalam, People’s President of India

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