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Brian Robinson says:

Let me know when you are serious about trying to sell. You have my email. Cheers!

Aunchient Pistol says:

I wouldn’t be caught dead with a Cartier

CavsAllDay says:

Byooootiful vid and watch Arch

Opulence Luxury says:

Nice one Archie great vid. you had me at Jackie Kennedy. Beautiful watch for a beautiful lady. Shame she arranged for her husband to be killed by the illuminati and the CIA, but that’s women for you. If only John had advocated MGTOW he would still be alive today.

Steven allyaneedtoknow says:

I have both and in my opinion, I have to say the quartz has to be better due to it’s rubber casket inside and red plastic to protect moisture from getting into it. I whore my mechanical on a rainy day when I was holding my umbrella up and it was the worst thing I ever did.. moister got into it and fogged up the crystal needless to say this NEVER happened to my quartz I’ve even washed my hands and never a mist got into it. so for those who like the mechanical one beware! you may pay a bit more for it but you”ll wind up paying a pretty penny to get it fixed. and for the price of a mechanical there should be a rubber casket in it.. my quartz is the 2441 model and after fixing my mechanical one I sold it.

Samantha Giarrusso says:

Have you had the watch serviced by Audemars Piguet ?

WEGO says:

Lovely Cartier Archie, but today the majority of women like wearing men’s size watches.

Chad Maraj says:

Still for sale?

Hank South says:

great vid

XRMatt says:

Question for everyone….Speedmaster Pro or Oyster Perpetual 39mm?

BellaBehindACancer says:

But how much does it cost to service that AP movement?

MAHDIfied4SOPHIA says:

Archies got a lot of time on his hands

CavsAllDay says:

definitely a classy little phuker!

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

So how is the gender reassignment therapy going?

Mad Man says:

Interesting watch but there is one horn missing.

Mason R says:

Quartzzz are for cuntzzzz!!!!

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