Two Of The Classiest Dress Watches EVER? – Nomos Orion 38 & Cartier Tank Solo Luxury Watch Reviews

In today’s video I review two very stylish and classy dress watches that I have always wanted to get my hands on. Firstly, the ultra contemporary minimalist, German made capolavoro that is the Orion by Nomos and then secondly, the iconic classic Tank by legendary Parisian luxury brand Cartier. Also don’t forget check out my first publication on the outstanding website/watch blog “Theo and Harris,” at the following link…
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Brendan Leadbeater says:

I love your channel! Its very informative! I just started getting into the world of quality built watches and happened upon your channel which I recently subscribed to.

Being that I am an Architect and designer, I have fallen in love with the simplicity and clarity of the German/Bauhaus designs. I am currently weighing the options between various Nomos watches and Junghans Max Bills. I would like to keep my budget +-$3,000. I currently wear a Braun Ceramic BN0171 in gray and while I LOVE the simplicity and modern feel to it, I would like to upgrade to a higher quality watch. I would prefer a mechanical watch and that’s where the Nomos originally caught my attention as it crafted with an in-house movement. I also know the Max Bills essentially originated the Bauhaus watch design which I love as well. What are your thoughts? Perhaps this could be a topic of discussion in one of your upcoming videos?

Thanks for all the insight, time and effort you put forth into the world of watches!

Mike 83 says:

Nice one again TGV… i´ll Think the toughest analog watch is the Breitling Emergency.

wwwSaveNinjas says:

What a fantastic review! Thank you. Nomos seems to have AR coating. Does the Tank have AR coating? It doesn’t look like it does.

Loner says:

r u german?

Matt Mitchell says:

Quartz killed the tank.

mdsuperstarPL says:

How about top 10 women watches?

קיריל says:

Breguet 8067BA/52/AC0
Grand Seiko

Simon Holt says:

Will be getting my partner a Tank for her next big birthday – thanks for the close look TGV! 🙂

GrumpyOldGits says:

Cartier all the way!!

LousyLuke says:

You’re wife likes them a little bigger huh? *Wink wink*

john doe says:

Nomos! Hands down!

The Flippity Flop says:

Do you think the Cartier Tank is too old looking for a 20 year old? I really love the tanks simple design, in a way it’s almost rugged and dressy at the same time. It seems like it would work well with simply casual wear, and classier wear as well. Also, do you think the Automatic is worth the price, or to just go with the Quartz?

WEGO says:

If it gets to difficult to decide, then just buy both.

Tigerkill3r says:

I got almost exactly this Nomos watch. It’s the one with silver watch hands though and the Date function. It is truly a masterful piece and fits to almost everything.

And it even apreciated a bit in priece 😛

Great watch, can only recommend!

Christopher Damata says:

My response seems to have been removed from the comment section so I will try it again. Cartier did in fact create the first modern wrist watch.

“In 1904, pilot Alberto Santos Dumont asked Louis Cartier to come up with a timekeeping alternative that would allow him to keep both hands on the controls while timing his performances during flight.

Cartier and his master watchmaker, Edmond Jaeger, then developed the first prototype for a man’s wristwatch called the Santos wristwatch. The Santos first went on sale in 1911, the date of Cartier’s first production of wristwatches.”

John Price says:

Very cool that you got published.  I’ll definitely enjoy reading your article.   As for Nomos, I admire them but I’m not too sure I’d own one.  There’s something about them that is just a bit too simple, too stark for me.  I get Bauhaus but this one is just too severe.  I do find their movements beautiful.  And the size is spot on.  Hmm… maybe someday though.  Never say never…   That Cartier is very elegant, lovely.   I bet your wife loves it.    Ciao,   John

Thomas Cala says:

I bought the Tank Solo 18 months ago on a stainless bracelet. It is a quality piece and gets a lot of attention from others. It started a love affair with the brand. I bought my wife the LOVE bracelet and put the Santos XL and Cartier Roadster on my list.
I like the Nomos but I have a laundry list of watches in the queue so I will hold off for now.

paolo zafra says:

great video tgv! quick question though, I have heard rumors about the nomos movements being dalicate? what is your take on this? thanks in advance! 🙂

mark schwartz says:

Nomos wins for me. What it lacks in heritage it more than makes up for with gorgeous and timeless design. And it’s horolgical cred speaks for itself. Pure class.

MrPleers says:

I would go for the Cartier. Such a nice understated classic.

Luisao R. says:

which song is it played at the beginning?

SamJS says:

Love this tank. So elegant!!!!

Francisco Melo says:

Nomos looks so poor near the cartier

Y L Luis says:

You should cover your Tank serial..

karamazov75015 says:

The Nomos orion 38 is really too big =Try the 35 or the minimatik

Awassii says:

I was wondering if you could give me a step by step guide on how to upgrade a seiko sna411 flightmaster crystal to a flat sapphire, or point me towards some sort of guide as I’ve looked around online but I’m still worried about damaging the watch or doing something wrong. also how do i find out what type/size of crystal I need as a replacement?
Sorry for the long question!

johan eugen says:

When i’m an old man i’ll sport that cartier

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