Rolando Unwraps His Grail Watch, A Vintage Cartier

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86Eclass says:

obviously i am late watching this video but that was a very cool moment ! congrats to your pops !!

Don Sinacci says:

Great video!! I really enjoyed it !! Merry Christmas !!

Med Speak says:

You should bring your mom on more often, she has a great personality!

William says:

Haha, funny thing is me and my mother did the exact same thing this year. We got my dad his grail watch, an Eterna kontiki four hands. We put in in an old big box to trick him as well and he almost went into shock, a lot like your dad almost did here :). Sometimes giving gifts can be a lot more fun than receiving them!

iuseto lovemilk says:

a fun visit with your family

atl3630 says:

Fun family! Great video

AJ Stern says:

Can you do a video on removing watch scratches

Satoshi Sasada says:

Priceless reaction. I think that watches – regardless of their prices – get more value when they are symbolic and meaningful to someone, such as the Cartier for your father.
It is easy to purchase a watch, but there is not “necessarily” a sentimental attachment when you pay for it.
Gifts do have that effect, especially when it comes out of the blue for the lucky one.
Wear it in good health Sir !

Drew Corbett says:

Just great- Merry Christmas Christian and T&H! The passion and dedication you share with the community is a gift I’m very grateful for!

Ben Cleerdin says:

That’s beautiful. But are you sure it’s a tank? it looks a lot like the Cartier Ceinture XXL manual wind.

HonestMan98 says:

New Subscriber. Great channel. Happy Channukah and Merry christmas. Cheers.

João Vitor Amaral Silva says:

cool video, your mom is so nice!! Merry Christmas Christian!!

Amintas Neto says:

So nice to see his reaction.
Straight from the heart!
Merry Xmas Chris and all!!

Josh Ferguson says:

Great video! It was nice to hear the story of how special the watch was to your father, but the story being told by your mother made it that much better. Merry Christmas to you and yours Christian!

mthebex says:

What a great video!! I love mom! Lol Beautiful family. thanks for sharing

Noel de Santos says:

Congrats! I choose to wear mine for Christmas too.

Rob Handshy says:

Congrats Roli! I can tell you have a very loving family!

John Eli says:

Great watch. One of the icons

Salvador Garcia says:

haha awesome

Jose Casillas says:

Merry Xmas.

Luke C says:

What a beautiful family. merry Xmas

JBBooks4440 says:

Great video. You have a nice family…Merry Christmas.

Robert Cowles says:

Wonderful away to a man’s heart is through a watch. Great purchase and a Merry one to the family. Thanks for the vintage insight

Nathan K says:


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