Remove scratches and polish a Cartier watch

Anie restores & polishes a watch quickly and easily on the patented JOOLTOOL system.
Buy all the necessary supplies @ WWW.JOOLTOOL.COM

Abrasivse Used:
3M Scratch Eraser Disc (aka Scotchbrite EXL Fine)
3M Radial brush (220 grit for satin finishing)
Jooltool SEE-THRU Felt Disc
3M Radial brush (1 Micron for polishing)


cagmito76 says:

This is an excellent looking kit , good idea !

barbbear35 says:

This is probably a dumb question but I’m asking anyway! The 3M discs don’t last very long on my Flex Shaft. Would they last longer with this system? I polish quite a bit and seem to go through them. I love this system and am planning on getting one so I’m curious. Thank you so much!

Bamidbar Moore says:

Anie do you have a store in NY ?

UnsolvedTV says:

really nice video thank you for sharing your knowledge you deserve a million thumbs up god bless 🙂

Justin S says:

No, don’t worry about taking it apart..

Jovany Paolo says:

waw waw wawwww i love the watches and i am amazing… and the pics after and last? is great video…you are wonder woman for the watches. thanks for this. bless your hands.

Flavio Henrique Borges Silva says:

de que pais é?

- - says:


fellow111411 says:

What is the cost of this polishing machine including all the accessories ?

Peter says:

Thank you very much!!!

1 says:

Well unfortunately I do not have this machine :/ 

max factor says:

are u Iranian?

Sam S says:

Thanks for the video god dam your hot

chapati गुमनाम says:

What about a 42mm balon bleu?

Blu Brad says:

Annie, if you ever have the chance PLEASE do this video with the Cartier Santos.

MoveOverCasanova says:

can one polish even the high glossy bezel of a santos galbee ? i have a broad, superficial scratch on it…


great video Anie and wow are you HOT mami…great voice and smile =)

JooltoolUSA says:

Watch my Cartier Santos Video it’s new! You are all the sweetest! Thank you for watching my videos xoxo -Anie

Blu Brad says:

Annie! Great video, really interesting, and what a nice voice you have too, great job Thanks Annie 🙂

Peprita Heart says:

Thank You for the tutorial.

UnsolvedTV says:

is it possible to replace the lost sapphire?

Kelvinkwok Ks says:

your polishment skill is excellent.

243wayne1 says:

You’re awesome Anie!  I love how excited you get about a perfect polish!  I do as well…  You definitely know your trade.  Fun to watch.

BlueonGoldZ says:

Great, high-quality video.

nomebear says:

Incredible results in such a short amount of time.

Vigilante Driver says:

I take care of my own watches.  I find it therapeutic to my Soul.

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