Panthère de Cartier

The return of iconic Panthère de Cartier watch par Sofia Coppola.

Oscar winner Sofia Coppola directed the latest Cartier online campaign.

Discover the collection:

Title: “I feel love”
Artist: Donna Summer


박은순 says:


Ellie Kim says:

So… what message r u trying to deliver in here?

박은순 says:


박은순 says:


chan Lee says:

코트니 매력 있네요

Vito Scaletta says:

The Godfather 3를 망쳐놓은 소피아 코폴라가 여기서 활동하고 있었군.

김종욱 says:

와 존나 예쁘다 ㄹㅇ

James kang says:

It’s terrific!!!!^^

박은순 says:


Tara Adams says:

Sophia Coppola – she is one of my all-time favorite directors! And she was a pretty great actress in The Godfather III! Beautiful lady.

이태경 이 says:

남자입장에서도 까르띠에 시계는 진짜 이뻐보이네 차고싶을정도

Jan K says:

나만 펜더라고 해서 들어왔나

손연두 says:


성현민 says:

여자모델 이름 아시는분?

Tara Adams says:

Brilliant ads. Subscribed.

박은순 says:


박성용 says:

모델 이쁘다

VladislavX L says:

Что за музыка? Прямо как электро СССР.

法师膜 says:


안수민 says:

모델 이름좀

아가리다이어터 says:

그래사 모델이름이 뭐고

박은순 says:


코코볼 says:

코트니 이턴 존예네….

의돌 says:

그래서 여자 이름이?

Andrew Boston says:

Happy Birthday today!

Kayla Gudgel says:

My 10 daughter and I were watching YouTube and this inappropriate ad popped up and that had scandal on this ad

박은순 says:


Sheepgirl1075813 says:

uploaded on my birthday

Namgunho 남근호 says:

광고찍고 저 누님이랑 키스신찍고 돈받고.. 최고의 직업이다

betta Rose says:

저 언니 개이쁘다…

민아싸가오리 says:

한국분 무슨내요?

玉城トリーナ says:

from ads into searching the song title. I fell inlove with this song! feeling some love vibes !

성민태희 says:

여자 예쁘구마

박은순 says:


محسن محسن says:


Mario Fromadistance says:

♥ this watch!

래시로얄의 모든것 클 says:

한국 사람인분?

김진 says:


메타몽 says:

와.. 저누나 멋있ㄷㅏ

Andrew Boston says:

My Girl

Andrew Boston says:

I love Floridian girl
Yes I do


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