NO ONE CARES ABOUT CARTIER! (5 Cartier watches you need to know about)

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Check out these watches:

Seiko SKX007:
Seiko SARB065 Cocktail Time:
Seiko SARB017 Alpinist:
Seiko SBBN031 Tuna:
Seiko SRP641 Baby Tuna:


glen wooten says:


Chris Wintersgill says:

I voted for this as my favourite watch in your collection. You have some cool watches but this is so different imo.

Reed Grabowski says:

Jory of the five you mentioned, I like the Cartier Tank Asymetrique! That watch would definitely start a conversation.

Daniel Daigle says:

Where’s the link for the lamps bro?

Lazy Jacques says:

I love Cartier’s designs, but I absolutely **loathe** Roman numerals. Sigh.

Janiel Quiñones says:

about “the time teller” do you have one?

Rodney Zvolanek says:

Another super video… Cartier Santos is been on my list for a while now… Maybe one day I will get it… But not the one you showed… Too exclusive!!!

JAMM says:

I care about cartier!!!
I own a Santos!!!

ryvr madduck says:

I have never considered any Cartier. You are correct.

Marco says:

A ”lamp” ? I need links, pls.

Trevor Hofmann says:

Thanks for sharing your appreciation of Cartier. I trade watches with a friend once in a while, and he loaned me his Roadster with a beautiful Roulette dial. I fell i love and now plan to own one when finances meet opportunity. For reference, Fed has one on his Delray watch site:

Mark Playford says:

History dear boy, provenance, what what… them Johnny foreigners across the pond… y’know them Frenchies, know a thing or two, credit where credits due now c’mon…

Steve Tackett says:

Cartier Day Night, just wow. Moon signs is amazing.

Edward Orozco says:

Disliked. No lamp links provided.


Cartier makes amazing beautiful Women’s watches . Oh and amazing handbags

Darren Thomson says:

My Tank MC (Ref W5330003) remains my favorite dress watch, having gone through the holy trinity, Rolex and the rest. It fits like a glove. In house movement, perfect modern size and a dial that ONLY Cartier could execute. With you, man !!

Cássio Campos says:

Just adding, Santos Dumont and Cartier invented the watch strap together.

Michael Frederick says:

You forgot the link to the stripper pole lamps.

Austin Tschirhart says:

Their designs have always been visionary and polarizing… having a fluid design language that reinvents itself is the beauty. I respect that approach far more than some brands and their endless “limited edition” variants of the same watchhhhhhh

Ceaze87 says:

Omagosh… That Rotonde…. I’m in love. *_* …

The Watch NOOB and Nick says:

For me this was a great introduction to the Cartier watches, I love the brief history you shared. Now as I’m looking at these watches I can’t just pick one that I like because two of these are tied at the top.Tortue monopusher it’s movement is beautiful a long with the face shape sets this watch up for beauty with style. The Tank Asymetrique I love that the dial is off center XII is at the I o’clock position and of course the lugs just beautiful not to mention that it has Tank in the name. So thank you for bringing Cartier to light for me.

Harry Akira Eaton says:

Oh my god when you mentioned lamps…

Praxedis Lindsey says:

They are a favorite of Sir Madam Elton John…

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