My Rolex, Cartier, and Breitling Watch Collection (& More)

Christian finally reveals his personal watch collection (as of December 2018). A Swatch, Rolex Datejust, Omega Seamaster, brandless jump hour, Breitling Superocean Heritage, and a Cartier Tank.

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In this special episode, Christian dives into his personal watch collection as of December 2018. His first piece is a limited edition Swatch from the 2004 Olympics in Greece, a gift from his parents, and a watch that he wore to the Paul Newman Daytona auction off for $18 million. Following that is his now iconic Rolex Datejust from 1977, and represents the moment when he decided to forgo law school in favor of starting Theo & Harris. When he graduated from Seton Hall, his parents gifted him his unbranded jump hour watch, the watch he intends to get married in. For his 21st birthday, he was gifted a 1950s Omega Seamaster purchased by his parents, Anna, and Aaron direct from the watch shop as a surprise. A true all-rounder, the watch’s original catch phrase was “for land, sea, and air,” and it definitely fits. Next to last, we have the Breitling Superocean Heritage inherited from his uncle, the watch that is technically the first piece Christian ever sold. Lastly, we have a Cartier Tank, that, although it lacks a specific story of its own yet, it will almost definitely acquire them in the years to come.


sean rafanan says:

Excellent video, Christian! The stories behind each of your watches and the way you speak about them is really quite wonderful. Thank you for sharing your passion and keep up the good work!

el patre says:

Where’s the Rolex?

Ivan Jiron says:

Great video. PLEASE, I need to know what’s the band you’re using for the Datejust. It’s just PERFECT for that watch.

HDnayrb says:

Damn. I Love vintage watches so much. what would you say is the smallest size that looks okay on a 7.5” wrist is

Stephen Rudberg says:

Nice collection. Enjoyable video. Thanks for sharing.

T Johnson says:

why is it called theo and harris?

jxstr says:

Your passion for watches is both contagious and refreshing. I am picking up a DateJust 16013 with a champagne tapestry dial on Tuesday, and it will be my first step on the exciting road of vintage watches. This timepiece, according to the serial number, shares the same birth year as me, and the only thing keeping me satiated are your videos. Very happy I discovered this channel!

lifematch says:

Can someone please tell me why it is called theo and harris????

HunterAsesino1 says:

Good to see some of the old haunts. Go Pirates! ’13

James Gillespie says:

Well said!

Nathan Mearns says:

First person to ever use the sentence “after dinner drinks are a real passion of mine.”

Carlo Marzot says:

One of your best. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas.

Hugh McKendrick says:

Great that you love the watches for their connections and events in your life and not just for their value. Your Mum getting you your Rolex, that is so sweet.

ThruMyEyes says:

You have incredible storytelling skills. Liked and subscribed!

nicolas lopatin says:

Why don’t you buy a nice 2018 watch instead of vintage?

Daniel Katz says:


Adam Abelson says:

Got to be nice to have mommy and daddy buy everything for you. The 1,000 plus watches I own I bought myself except 3 that where my dads when he was alive. I have worked very hard to build my collection and I am proud that I did it all on my own. To me a earned watch is vauled more than a gifted watch.

AJ AJ says:

I am having beautiful dreams about that breitling <3

Richard Baptist says:

Great episode!! Great stories. All the best to you and your family for the holiday season.

Matthew Crespo says:

Who makes the blue cable like link sweater?

Roberto Portugal says:

Thank you, Thank you very much! there is nothing else to say, best regards from Perú.

tynan nida says:

Wish I could get into vintage non dive watches

mcarterone says:

“After dinner drinks are a real passion of mine” LOL!

gamerkidinthebay says:

The jump hour is a Cartier right ?

El Guapo Grande- Burrito says:

Have your balls dropped yet? Maaaan, your tone and choice of words are beta. And definitely a mama’s boy. I bet you drink Stella Rosa. Hah!

Jeff Eyres says:

Great video!

Cooper Wardell says:

This video is a perfect answer to the question “why do we still wear watches?”. They are important enough that we take care of them, and as a result they last long enough that we build memories around them and then they become more than objects. You articulate that very well in this video. Thank you.

Kevin VanderVeen says:

I enjoyed watching this video, and I loved hearing the stories that accompany your timepieces. You have a great collection, and I hope to see it continue to grow. I would love to meet you someday for a drink to talk watches. You seem like a great guy to connect with. I hope that’s not weird.

JC Daly says:

Great video! Passion came through at every second of the video… favorite so far! Congrats Christian.

Stanley Johnson says:

Good video Christian. I enjoyed this

Bill Todd says:

Nicely done.

kai jian cheow says:

beautiful story. thanks so much for sharing!

Cormac Barry says:

Enjoyed that.

nv00021 says:

I don’t know why this kid bugs me but I have to give credit this was a well-done piece. Nice collection a little more respect earned.

Bruce Williams says:

That was a fanstastic video. Well done Christian

Tom Vogt says:

Lovely collection, and equally lovely video. Great work, everyone!

IronArmor says:

When you’re slightly starting to turn yourself into a cult of personality

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