My Next Watch Part 2 – Cartier Santos

I miss edited some clips of the Large and Medium sizes. The medium definitely looks stellar while the larger is too large on my 6.5 inch wrist as shown in the first wrist shot


Jean-Francois Dupuis says:

And it actually looks huge on your wrist so

Mike Nickerson says:

Serge how long did it take you to master that pen flippy thing, I’ve been practing. AAND I CANT GET IT!!!

Jose Paolo Cardona Aceves says:

i think that omega watches are a real good choice, they arent taht expensive like AP and some of the watches in the DeVille and Seamaster collections cover all of your requirements

Ryan Doppelganger says:

I pass through that boutique pretty often as well, Tudor may also be having a sale there if you are interested ask. Think it’s a great watch but doesn’t wear well on my wrist. Try it on again and try to see if it feels comfortable. Also, agree with the recommendation on when to buy an Audemars…. not on the shoes though haha

Wu-Blood Kin says:

Not my flavor, but to each their own!

gadanju says:

Get it. I have the large two tone one and no buyer’s remorse. Cartier recently had a dinner in conjunction with Birks for some of their clients and they had new pieces being shown around. Not sure about the discounts but if you’ve developed a relationship with your regular boutique, they will give you the discount anytime especially if you are getting watches in precious metals. No discounts on their other jewelry though:( Good luck wth your purchase.

Ben Sona says:

I bought the medium Santos and love the no date feature. The beautiful symmetry of the dial is not spoiled by a date.
I honestly never liked Roman numerals until this watch. I struggled for months on if I should buy a Santos but couldn’t be happier. I think you will be too.

FunWithAJ says:

Great to hear about that relationship building between you and the AD. Sounds like a good deal if it’s the one you want.

WhisperExtreme says:

the Cartier company has an interesting story, basically they created the world’s first wristwatch, it was more or less like this, Santos Drumond could not get his pocket watch to see the hours during the flight, so Louis François Cartier had the great idea of ​​putting the watch on a bracelet.

A P says:

The new santos is an excellent choice…I was looking at this as well be for royal oak.

James Pålsson says:

Don’t do two tone, opt for full steel ( or gold :L )

Tom Smith says:

Neil is right, unless your 5 figure salary is ridiculous, AP isn’t the choice. No watch is worth getting in debt over

Simply Serge says:

Sorry for the distracting pen flipping, bad habit I picked up in middle school

Sebastian Elgar-Cocks says:


Austin Looper says:

definitely want to lay your watch on opposite side of the crown bro, it can mess up the movement in you’re watch, still enjoy your videos

James Wong says:

I get 15% discount at my AD.

Abdelwahab Mohamed says:

Rolex day date


I love the pen flipping Serge, very cool. You can obviously multi-task with the best of them. Keep up the great work. We love your cool and understated relaxed style. It’s really lovely to watch your great videos. Thank you.

Bryan LP says:

The Royal Oak has that sparkly bling factor about it in real life. It’s like the Cadillac Escalade of watches. Personally I think that Cartier Santos is pure class, and is more understated.

Gear Head says:

Looking at the Santos in the future as well but want the Explorer 1 next. I’m in Paris ON. Raffis just had their grand opening of their Cambridge flagship boutique yesterday. You have to see this place.

liecht says:

Please stop spinning that pen around your fingers…this tic is a symptom of a compulsive obsessive disorder and an authoritave,manipulating personality.A display of unpoliteness,poor taste,and psicological violence….erase that vid and record it very disappointing

Derek Shearer says:

Where’s your face?

Jean-Francois Dupuis says:

If you are going to pick up a cartier, go for a tank!

Paris Pat says:

I think the Cartier Santos is an excellent choice. Now you have me thinking about this watch.

icemandl6 says:

Personally, I think the Cartier Santos looks best without the date window, so I believe it isn’t a big issue that the medium version is without it. Other suggestions, IMO, would be the Rolex Datejust 36, which can be a versatile piece depending on the model you get.

Tim Yo says:

I think a Sub and a dressier Cartier is a very good choice.

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