My Cartier Tank: Matt Hranek

The Cartier Tank has just celebrated its 100th birthday. Over the last century, the Tank has become one of the most recognized watches in the world, with its rectangular silhouette and Roman numeral dial now synonymous with elegance and sophistication. One of the most exciting things about the Tank is how countless individuals have incorporated it into their personal styles, adding their own touch to the Tank’s history. For the full story, go to:


TheBlackDog73 says:

I’d wear it with shorts and t-shirt. Why? Cause I can

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

“Black tie” with a brown strap?
No. Just no.
(You probably shouldn’t be wearing a watch at all for such events actually.)

David Meier says:

I love watches and bourbon by chance. I believe that’s a Van Winkle 12 Year on his bar of his left shoulder. Very nice.

Andrew Nadermann says:

What a well done series of ads. In love with the Tank.

Archer says:

I really enjoyed Mr. Hranek’s book: A Man & His Watch.
I’m hoping that he will write a follow-up title.

Mattia Talleri says:

Is a Tank Solo or a Tank Louis Cartier?

juan hubard says:

do talking watches with ed sheeran

Adrian Gunawan says:

The only tank I would wear is a basculante

Mark Waggoner says:

I don’t need a watch to feel put together..

Rich Buddy says:

This is a woman’s watch. Dr. Phil is the only man that can get away with wearing Cartier.

Jared Fiala says:

What drink is that?

Charles Yeung says:

Excellent story. Can someone tell me what jacket mr. Hranek is wearing.

eco8gator says:

Does it have a plastic movement holder?

Gabriel KSS says:

Obviously Matt would help himself with a negroni. Cheers!

RondelayAOK says:

pretty effete fellow there

Tom bryan says:

The crown is embarrassing, it’s so feminine.

Matt Ashe says:

What’s the drink he was mixing?

MaxPDavies says:

I know it is, but this really really comes off as an advert rather than honest content.

Dan says:

If a man is going to wear a Cartier, he might as well carry a purse too.

Aria Kowsarian says:


D K says:

JLC Riverso

redbird963 says:

Am I the only one noticing the Pappy Van Winkle?

Chad Chaumont says:

Love that watch!

Matt Phelan says:

Old man’s watch.

M Riley says:

I would like one in yellow gold, large 33 x 25mm, and a black strap deployant clasp. Unfortunately they don’t offer it in yellow gold, mechanical, NO date, a stronger looking crown like the Tank Francaise, with the guilloché dial in the current collection. Preferably with Paris printed under cartier, which makes it look a bit different imo. The only version that comes close to what I want was on the Priviee collection in a platinum case. Those are hard to find and expensive for a simple time only watch. Personally Cartier is over priced. Yes I know it’s a timeless classic still relevant to modern times and all that good stuff. However, for a small dress watch at over $9-18k I rather get an entry level Breguet, or Patek Philippe Calatrava in gold with Roman numeral dials. The Tank is so iconic I would think twice to choose between a Cartier and much better brands like Patek or Rolex vintage versions of the Tank. Because Cartier is synonymous with the rectangle case design, I see everyone else as a homage to the Tank even though Cartier movements are inferior to high end movements offered for the same price of a Tank. All this or settle for a Quartz Tank Solo, save some money, and still have funds for something else….

Gary Abrahams says:

Sorry no. Too feminine

Naived says:

Hodinkee: Selling out since 2009

Daniel Trier says:

What is the refence number of this watch? And the exact size?
Thank you!

MBsavage says:

Such a classy watch, getting it when I celebrate my 100th birthday!

Philip P. Stanil says:


VuittonPrince says:

can’t wait till i can buy a tank

krbcrwlr says:

0:13 Ricky Ponting?

Derrick Keough says:

i just can’t get into the tank look

iimaniDAVID says:

A dressed down cameo for the Tank. Nice. Gives me ides for my Tank.


what does this guy do get ready and drink alcohol all day lmao

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