My Cartier Tank: Mark Cho

The Cartier Tank has just celebrated its 100th birthday. Over the last century, the Tank has become one of the most recognized watches in the world, with its rectangular silhouette and Roman numeral dial now synonymous with elegance and sophistication. One of the most exciting things about the Tank is how countless individuals have incorporated it into their personal styles, adding their own touch to the Tank’s history. For the full story, go to


Preeyen Mistry says:

my grail!

Brian B says:

Love this series. Love or dislike this watch, it seems to ‘fit’ this gentleman very well. If he were wearing, say, an AP ROO it just wouldn’t represent him so well. I love when the man and the watch are in parity.

phillyslasher says:

Beautiful watch. I can’t wait until I turn 70 so I can buy one!

Just kidding, Tanks are awesome!

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

Very nice watch and strap too.


Roelf van der Merwe says:

Love it. I just wish it had a seconds hand

omrklm says:

What’s the brand of eyeglasses he’s wearing? does anybody know?

juan hubard says:

do talking watches with ed sheeran

lexidium says:

A pure ad for Cartier. What’s the point? Are Hodinkee about to sell one in cahoots with them.

Rajnil Thakur says:

Product placement done right. The watch remains in front the whole time while the actual product rubs off on the qualities of the Tank.

Guy Miller says:

“When I was young I thought it was an old person’s watch.” Grows up, finds reasons why he likes the watch :’)

RefugeeRepublic says:

Great Video… looking forward to the rest of this new series

John Eli says:

would rather have a reverso

Truthfears Guilty says:

can someone please inform mr. cho that seiko also makes the same tank. thank you.

ryanburbridge says:

Nice… didn’t feel like an add. More please. Really loving the Seiko videos. My favorite brand bar none!

Dreamworld Isolation says:

always admired the tank, but as a boots and jeans guy…i think it would collect dust in my watch box

Flashsaam M.M. says:

Finally, i found a high quality youtube channel about watches with great video editing. Although, if you have a marketing team is doing a terrible job. I was looking for way long to find you guys and you deserve much more subscribers and views to your videos. Underrated channel

Benfica é o Melhor says:

is it just me. I actually enjoy this type of video more than just a collector that has a gazillion watches.. I love how this guy is so connected to a particular watch that he can tell a meaningful story behind it. like the arnold palmer episode was awesome too

SeaJayBelfast says:

Please do a ‘My phuuucking solid GOOOLD SUB: Archibald Chesterfield III’ next. God bless.

Mark Cho says:

yooo wats up

phototristan says:

Back when Cartier used to make good watches.

Infinite Elgintensity says:

Seeing this makes me want to go to the Armoury again.

Jellyfish 703 says:

My favourite Cartier, wanted one for years!

M Edmond says:

A very nice short film

Pepe Bel says:

More videos like this please

MBsavage says:

such a classic look – anyone know a watch similar under 500?

Jaydon Tobler says:

Feel like the guy needs to wear it a bit tighter. Looks like it just keeps sliding up and down his wrist and for sure doesn’t fit comfortably under a cuff like that.

Dan says:

Just can’t warm up to this watch. I think it’s too delicate looking.

iimaniDAVID says:

Is this piece part of the CPCP (Collection Privée, Cartier Paris). It seems it.

Anton Shvidkiy says:


Jesse Morgan says:

Great video, really upped the quality on this one.

Dorktoys says:

I could not hate that watch more.

Joe Mallon says:

I want to shop there and have him dress me.

Archer says:

It’s gorgeous — but versatile?
No. Sorry. It’s too elegant.
That watch needs a suit or a tux.
My Seiko SARB035 is versatile.
A Stainless Datejust is versatile.
They can both be worn with anything — appropriately.

daniel vasquez says:

lol its not sporty.

Willie Boon says:

What is the model og Tank again ? Thanks.

Alex C says:

Why not a “My Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso”?

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