LUXURY WRIST WATCHES IN HONG KONG – Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, Cartier



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Ming Damerciless says:

Arch, they can smell your poverty and bitterness. They won’t invest effort into haggling with you beggaroonie!

gmshadowtraders says:

Not a single white face in the crowd… some international airport you found there… and the streets look real mean… like your life could end in any instant over a $10 dollar unpaid debt. London may not be as rich but its better.

Chop Logic says:

What’s new? Is it worth coming back to this channel? please reply to this and convince me.
to all the miserable Clots on here – ℋძpPყ የከIડፖmaડ & ℋoRnful neW year.

celestialfix says:

These so called “wealthy Chinese buyers” are in many cases just guys who took bribes or skimmed money from their government position or state controlled enterprise, so yeah, if you essentially didn’t work for the money, and really need to launder it into something else of value, the hell yeah, you aren’t going to care what the watch dealer in Hong Kong has for an asking price and you damn sure aren’t going to be checking his price against Chrono24, lol.

Dreamworld Isolation says:

Great vid arch. Keep up the travel vids, they are the best thing on the channel

Biggils says:

Our appliances are catching fire and blowing up! Fuck the Chinese!

qteccc1 says:

back in asia HK..then bkk same same by different.. go to the gov officials that look after HK rail and give them are serv. get it on you cam to upload the tube..would get lotsa views big boy

receo11 says:


Alexandre Besson says:

there are bargains but not for fat asshole!! lol every price need to be negociate, no one pays the price written on the price tag… Champagne court always been expensive, need to go in other disctrict F*cker !!!

Morris Nell says:

Wow 2 good vids in a roll..

pgvienna says:

Repeating footage again…
Boring, stale, oldfashioned – like Arch…
Stuff from yesteryear…

celestialfix says:

What they really need in Hong Kong is Quackrduck.

Lycosa says:

Hey, my dad owns this building. Dont like it? cut your hand off. all connections. Yeah yeah. yada yada. Asians. Indeed.

Opulence Luxury says:

This is from the Japanese Tour in 2016. Although some new footage. Could we be seeing some of the 100 pieces of missing footage.

Fugabugugg says:

imma suck yo dick Big Boi

joshua chu says:

welcome to HK! I’m @HK too

clyde a says:

Think he’s right about prices being better in America. On Dallas CL, there’s probably about three polar explorers you can get for about 4k and a sea dweller and yacht master for about a thousand more.

Huge Janus says:

6:52 … you can tell that he was drooling to go upstairs…

JDave Foster says:

Focus on luxury goods and MGTOW, Archie!

Bison News says:

Good vid….Archie Must be in Hong Kong right now!

Ming Damerciless says:

Arch – do you even know that there isn’t sales tax in HK?

Heavy Coke Addict says:

Enjoyable video. I never thought I’d say that watching Archie’s channel in 2017.

Luca Signorello says:

your back to your drty tricks h.I.V

Ralphie Leonard says:

Getting a watch in Asia is a huge gamble. Most of that shit is fake

Mad Man says:

6:06 – “Look at me, look at me, I also have Reverso watch. Good watch but I am not so rich. Only working class. Can you give me discount? 30 percent discount for me?”

LA90004 says:

Thank you too much.

NarutoIsTheRikudou says:


lvmusicman says:

Things must be getting bad, repeating footage from an old video, must be getting desperate.

Drake says:

good one

Sharp Eye says:

Nice video fatso

Rumblejungle says:

The typo in “wathc shop” is not an issue. As long as your dial is stamped “siwss mad”. You can’t say that it’ll cost you a hand either. Just an arm and a leg.

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