Inside The Archives Of Cartier

“What makes a Cartier watch different is really the work on shape and design.” This one sentence pretty much sums up the 25 pieces we got to see from Cartier’s official archives, including some of the craziest variations of the iconic Tank. This outstanding line-up also showed how Cartier has managed to continuously re-invent itself over nearly two centuries, with a unique ability to twist a classic and still keep the distinctly elegant vibe that has characterized the French maison since its founding in 1847. For more, go to


Ka Bh says:

Love the video. Please, for pete’s sake, upload more frequently.

V P says:

Most bloated brand ever, overpriced to the hilt, now before you flame me, few Cartiers are priced on par with Jaeger-lecoultre, IWC and even the Richemont flagship – A Lange Sohne.. lol Cartier isnt even 1% of those brands.

WooDog Recordings says:

very tasty collection

PokemonNerdLand says:

Another lovely video packed with horology!

ryanburbridge says:

What was he saying? Tank normal? First tank name? How did it become called the tank?

Owen Cao says:

The examples are quite beat up. You would think Cartier would have mint condition examples of their watches for their archives.

Bigchubby says:

Now i want a vintage tank. beautiful

Maskias says:

Great video, but terrible sound work. Really hard to watch until the end because of that.

Carlos Avila says:

Excelente video.

Boilerup05 says:

Unbutton top button when sitting. That button is holding on to its life! lol

German Russian says:

Tres bon

Sean Preston says:

“Purest shape possible for a watch..” I hate to disagree with a watch historian, but I feel a round shape offers so much more, and is the simplest and purest.

More jewelry than horology in my own opinion.

Zongqi Wang says:

Wow, a pocket watch in the shape of a square with round angles. Apple should sue cartier /s

MrMatt C says:

I love it !!!! I love Cartier !!!!!! <3

Greg S says:

probably the most iconic brand for really vintage watches

grokker99 says:

Cartier is basically a fashion watch.

Norse says:

Wierd sound sometimes when he speaks and why do you have the sound cut out whenever there is a space between his words?

Hiluxtaco says:

It looks like Matthew McConaughey puts on a Carrier watch in one of those Lincoln car commercials. What model is it? Anyone know?

Diego Lorenzana says:

whats the model of the watch in 3:36?

Monsieur Fandango says:

Vintage Cartier are some of the most understated and tastefully done watches on the vintage market.

Gary Smith says:

I love classic watch brands but I wish I knew why I dislike Cartier watches so much.

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