How to buy a Cartier Watch at 68% off retail yet still have the Cartier boutique experience

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MrZman0004 says:

This is probably one of the LAMEST way to impress your lady friend!

EuroPile says:

If they let you in the boutique that is LOL

Frank V says:

Sorry to sellout but I’m buying the Apple Watch ⌚️ series 4 !

IntotheFire says:

How to become a BETA Schmuck by buying a 4K watch for a lady/boy friend. Morale of the story – It`s cheaper by the hour Corporate dudes.

Amintas Neto says:

Phuck me dead

Kelly Hartnett says:

nice show Archie, can you do one on Rolex President in hello gold bark finish, as that seems overlooked as well

JohnstonPettigrew says:


Terry Graham says:

Very lovely Archie, gives me hornage. Ta

Enfant de Brouckère says:

4:47 beautiful “lady-friend” photo 😉

Toffee 2 says:

Hahahaha pissed myself at Archies fake posh accent. It’s like listening to Dame Edna on a bad day hilarious! Honestly does anyone take this guy seriously?

Nate Oh says:

Thought you didn’t have enough money to put petrol in your car?

Kelly Hartnett says:

Yellow not Hello thanks for understanding

peggy69peggy says:

Summary: AC3 walked into Cartier Boutique to buy a strap. Sales person compliment him on the Cartier. AC3 gets an erection.

This is video is the same BS content we used from AC3. Welcome back mate. No effort, no information no value, no time spent like always. Same shitty quality in new channel.
AC3: “Today i like to show you how to buy a fantastic cartier watch at bargain price.”
never explained – BS video content like always
AC3: “to get the watch put in to amazing condition, how is i done “?
never explained – bs video content like always

Apollo Prospector says:

Dogshit microwaved

CavsAllDay says:

smoove move Arch well done

Michael .F says:

I have a feeling that after a bit of time, we are going to get a ‘f**k this, I’m back f**kers’

JohnstonPettigrew says:

The watch was overhauled by Cartier…..your channel needs an overhaul too…..the lies and b.s. continue…..and now with that Lord Haw Haw speech mechanism….fmd, just total sheit….. William Joyce was executed you know…..why not start your videos with “Germany calling, Germany calling”? It was the passport that did him in. Have you completed travel plans to England to see to Grobnob yet?

Johnston Pettigrew says:

My comment about Lord Haw Haw was removed……maybe a bit harsh….but what’s this crap with the speech affectation?…..
next thing ya know he will be having high tea with the pencil mustache guy in Astoria, NY……and they will call each other “guvna”…..

I roll a Stoney. says:

I see “three quality vids per week” is already eight shitter phillers.

E R says:

very classy Archie

Northstar says:

Archie just made me an expert in buying ladies watches – Thank you Archie, just what I needed in my life !

jharris947 says:

FFS!…Learn how to pronounce Cartier and ambience. 4.45 It’s a Quartz you cheapskate.

Johnston Pettigrew says:

What happened here?….ladyman alert!!

Cas Hau says:

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…you should know that Arch…that Cartier is phor cheap wh….

pgvienna says:

Made up fairytales. Absolute rubbish. You are more deluded then ever, Arch.
Take you meds, And continue keeping a low profile.

DanyBizzyD says:

Nice one Archibald, please do Improve your thumbnails they look like made in 2007 with paint.

El Doma Dor de Dior says:

Archie you Cunteree…… how you sell out like this??

Nate Oh says:


Crappy Watches & Cheap Whores says:

Cartier Ben Wa balls in the classic red box. Give them to your ladyboy and when she asks you to pop them in her bunghole, you’ll know you’ve given her the perphect gipht…good phor many days and nights of phisting and phooting with unending orgasms. Tell her Archie Luxury recommended the Ben Wa balls and she’ll be a new viewer and subscriber phor sure. Ben Wa balls, Phuckas. They’re not luxury…..they’re Corporate!.

hcavn says:

How to get street meat ladyboi annos at 68% of bar prices, yet still get a bar experience.
Seriously, what a phucking TURD PHONDLER!!!

Daniel Angel says:

Hey arch I subbed to this channel too, are you getting the vids monetized already? Keep working on quality videos. Btw Thumbnail could be better big boi. Nice one.

John Andrew says:

Lady friend, you mean take your wife stop with the bullshit.

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